Time waits for no one

Enjoy your life and stop worrying about the wrong things and fix the amount of time you waste in your life by getting more organised and less wasteful with your time.


there's one thing we all have in common

and that's time now time doesn't wait

for anyone it plugs along does its own


and we're basically tossed by the wave

the wayside if we don't use that time

now if you think about your life or

business and in your life think of the

things that you haven't done and think

of the things that time as time goes on

you'll probably have less likely to do

now that for me I don't want to get too

sentimental philosopher about this or

anything but that for me is a big deal

the whole reason I created tech

minimalism was to save time so I'm not

sitting behind the computer working all

the time I'm sitting behind the work

working on the on certain ideas and

whatever but I'm not constantly working

and I have to work and I have to get

this done I'm so busy so if you could

save time wouldn't that help you enjoy

your life one do other things if you

could figure out a way of organizing

your data your email so you're not

fighting with so many things going on so

you could save those bits of time into a

bigger chunk of time to actually do the

things that you wanted to do like go for

a walk with your dog yes wolf I said

walk in my video he's over there go to

go to the park though and do things with

your kids and so on so as I said at the

beginning time doesn't wait for anyone

and if you don't utilize that time you

use that time to the best of your

ability then what are you doing what are

you actually doing you're wasting time

there's no point doing what you're doing

hey wolf so I'm gonna stop making this

video he is there there he is there I'm

gonna finish this episode here think

about how you're using your time and how

you want to spend your time hey wolf

you know what come up here and say hello

here's wolf so I'm actually gonna go and

I'm actually going to go and enjoy my

time extra time that I have today even

though it's 6 o'clock and go and walk

woof because he fancies going for a walk

look at what's going on around you and

see if you can save time anyway as

always keep it simple sorry wolf keep it

simple wash your hands and I'll see you

in the next episode which will be

tomorrow ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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