Time blocking SUCKS!

Time Blocking, we've all heard about it, but why block your time and work like a robot when you could be enjoying your time living life?‍

In this video, I'll show you how I use my calendar, and why I keep my calendar free as much as possible, even though I do client work and get external calendar invites.‍ How is this possible? Well, watch this video and find out.‍


do you know what time blocking is time

blocking is a method where you put in

items in your calendar and you block

your time for that day and it seems

logical to actually start doing things

in specific order but to me and you know

me I like to do things simply it's just

way too complicated and I like my time

the whole point of life is to actually

go and enjoy your time not blocking so I

have to do this I know you become a

robot it's just not it's not needed you

don't need to do it and I'm gonna show

you what I do with my calendar so I'm

gonna open up my calendar to the world

so they can see what's in it or what's

not in it actually so let's go over to

my computer sorry this is todoist this

is my calendar so before I go through

this I had a video said saying that I

had one calendar now I did try that

so one calendar one color and everything

within it

but it looked boring so me liking a

laugh and I took joke around the lot and

want some color in my life I thought you

know what I'm gonna go back to the

different colors and I'm gonna explain

what the different colors are so I

actually have three calendars I have a

personal calendar I have a business

calendar and I have a work calendar now

what's the difference between work and

business work is stuff they actually

need to do for work for client work

business is things that I need to do for

my business so obviously it's work but I

I'll go into the colors in a moment but

everything pertaining to what I need to

do for my business and personal is

obviously self-explanatory now if you

notice there are actually well there are

three colors okay green orange blue but

there is a fourth color and the fourth

color is purple

I could probably change that to a slight

different colors I can see it better but

anyway it's purple now purple is the

appointments that have been that it's

their external appointments so someone

has basically wanted my time externally

so with this for instance I do a masters

group with Paul - every two weeks and

that's obviously an external this one is

an external I have to do a survey for an

app that I'm using I'm doing some beta

testing for them so purple is basically

external appointments orange usually I

write focus you can you notice here the

focus and that's that's a way of me

blocking my time to do specific things

now I don't generally write I have to do

this or that project on it again it's

making things complicated

I just no block out that time so I can

focus on that on something on that

particular task so for instance today if

I go to weekly and today I've put two

things aside that I need the focus

chunks effectively blocked aside because

I needed to do some client work here and

this is when I wanted to do the video

but notice I've got nothing so I started

doing it early this is the beauty of

having your calendar not blocked if you

block your time you block your calendar

you you basically don't you can't you

I'm stuck for words I mean you can't

enjoy your life the whole point of life

is to enjoy it not to work and be told

what to do every single minute of the

day obviously we need to work in our

business and we need to do client work

I'm lucky that's worked in the fact that

the kind of work that I do I don't

actually have to work that many hours

because I've made my decision as to

much work I want to do I need to do to

pay for stuff obviously we all need to

pay for rent and pay for things so I

never block time because if for instance

a client has an issue and they needed

some help there and then well well you

pick the time I have the time when when

would you like to do this that's the

beauty of how I created this system

instead of blocking my times and no one

can get in and sometimes that's a good

thing but that's why I have these focus

blocks but the fact that my calendar is

pretty much open you go back to the

calendar the fact that my calendar is

actually pretty much open and notice

over the weekend to them really write

anything I did some business I deleted

Google Analytics that day it's just a

like a flag for me to say I've done it

that that's when I did it I recorded a

podcast here this is the podcast that I

did so the point of time blocking I

understand again the the reasons of it

but if you really wanna if you value

your own time you don't need to time

block do what you need to do and only

block the times that you actually need

to focus on the work that you want to do

anyway that's all I wanted to show you

today if you like this video comment

below how do you do your if you do time

looking or how do you organize your

calendar share this video with people

who you think might benefit from it


I got to go it's hot wolf wants a walk

or a swim actually hey wolf

have a good day see you in the next

video and remember keep it simple ciao

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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