This helped me overcome one of my fears

Overcoming your fears is not an easy thing to do, but there are always people who can help you with whatever you’re fighting with.

Recently we have all been pretty much confined to our homes. However, we still need to work.

Remote work is a massive deal at the moment, but some are finding it hard to do video calls due to not being comfortable being in front of a camera, for one reason or another.

The one person I know who can help is Rudi Goldman. Go check out his website, and maybe he can help you too.

Rudi's website:


so today's topic is about imposter

syndrome now when you work for yourself

and you work alone at home remote work

in general we kind of deal with impostor

syndrome we don't because we don't have

other people to bounce ideas off of it's

very difficult to kind of formulate is

this the right thing so it creeps back I

mean I've been working for myself for a

long time so I kind of killed that thing

a long time ago however it does creep

back and I do think about am i doing the

right thing is this the right way of

doing something and so on now the reason

why I'm talking about it is because

recently obviously with with what's

going on in the world right now everyone

has been stuck at their homes whether

you're working remotely or you're just

stuck at home and you need to talk to

somebody the technology is there the

cameras are there and so on but however

there's a lot of people who are not

happy to be sitting in front of a camera

now the only tip I can give you is

pretend you're talking to one person now

when I started making these videos in a

while I don't want to say this but when

I started making these videos I actually

put a little different I put a little

dragon dinosaur thing and I put it

literally on top of the lens and I

pretended I was talking to it and

believe it or not a couple of times I

did it and it actually worked so it's

just a little tip that I have but if you

want much better tips there are people

out there that can actually help you

with how you talk how you conduct

yourself in front of a camera especially

that you pretty much have to do it now

so if you're working on your own you're

working from home

a friend of mine whose name is Rudy

Goldman I'll put his link up here he

basically deals with people he coaches

people into in presentations and so on

and he realized maybe there's

the need for people to get help with

being able to do remote work in camera

and I you know it was a great idea so

he's basically put a small package

together so if you go over to his

website you give him a call

have a chat with him and he might be

able to help you overcome the fear of

being in front of a camera which is a

huge deal right now especially now with

this you know whole remote work and

stuff anyway that's the video today

hopefully he can help you out have a

great day keep it simple I know he does

because I taught him a lot of things hey


keep it simple wash your hands hopefully

we'll get through this together and I'll

see you tomorrow take care ciao the way

Let's stay in touch

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