LL Cool J had a song out years ago, and it started off with... "Don't call it a comeback. I've been here for years." It's always stuck in my mind.


As you know, I've been making videos for a couple of years. Now since the pandemic or just before the pandemic hit the end of 2019.

But for the past few months, I haven't been making videos, and I was trying to figure out why I wasn't making the videos.

It wasn't the lack of ideas. I've got a massive list of things that I want to talk about. And I use these as a kind of a self diary and hopefully help people like you out there as well.

But I haven't been making videos, and I was trying to figure out why that was.

And I think we all... all of us struggle. I haven't had a breakdown or a need a break type thing, nothing like that, but it was just more a case of there's so much stuff that we have.

Let me talk about me. Let's talk about me. There's so much stuff that's going on in my life. Nothing bad.

There's nothing weird going on. I'm healthy Woof! is healthy. Friends and family are healthy.

I have too much stuff. And I mean physical stuff, right.

Now, I'm the Tech Minimalist. I love living simply. And I've been on this journey for a few years now. But I still have baggage. Stuff I still have around from my past.

And it got to me. It completely got to me.

I went on a road trip with Woof! to Portugal and Spain. And when I got back, I couldn't believe the amount of stuff I didn't need to live.

Stuff that I didn't need. We don't need all this stuff. And it got me "mini depressed".

In a way, I just want to sit and do nothing.

I haven't been doing "nothing". I've been doing lots of other things, but the whole theme of this is to talk about... Things don't last forever.

We hold onto things. We hold onto so much stuff around us... "Just in case" we're going to use it, or "just in case" it might be handy, but we got to let go of that stuff.

I've been through this with my physical stuff, like furniture and trinkets and old computers and so on. But I've also been like this with my business and with my company.

And as you know, and many of you know, because you've @-ing me...

"what are you doing with your business? You keep going back and forth from MacJunky to your own domain name... to your own brand".

And I simply didn't know what I was doing. I knew something had to change. Things have to change. But I didn't know what the right thing to do was.

And I feel a lot of people are like that. They want to change but don't know why they should change or whether they should change it.

And I was there. That's why I haven't been making videos for the past couple of months. Because I just didn't know where I was.

But it's all fixed now.

My best friend Floortje, put me in touch with someone she knows who's a marketer and brand specialist.

I sat down with him. I mean... I'm a talker, but he's a fricking talker. His name is Eóin. I'm going to have him on a podcast soon for sure!

And he said to me...

"Shut up and stop doing this, that and the other, do this and do that and do the other."

It was such an eye-opening experience. I thought I knew everything. I thought I could do this myself, and I love doing everything myself. I love learning all of this stuff.

But apparently, I didn't know what I was doing. I was doing things wrong.

I wasn't using the specific tools that I should be using to grow my business.

Now I know those tools. Now I know how to do these things. I now know not to dilly dally between the two brands that I have.

So I've basically closed one brand and gone back to using my personal brand. And even in these past couple of weeks, it's been working really well!

Things need to change.

If you stick to doing the same thing all the time. If it's not yielding any different results, you've got to change. And I've been in that situation where I've just had to change.

I know this is a bit of a ramble, and it has nothing to do with Tech Minimalism at all, but this is the beauty of self-branding.

I can talk about anything and everything... within simplicity and Tech Minimalism, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, have a great day. As always, Keep IT Simple.

I'll see you in the next one.


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