Things can always be improved

There is this tendency to just work, work, work and not step back to understand why we're working 27 hours a day!

I put this down to not improving the steps you take to run your business efficiently or anything else for that matter.

Improving your workflow and the way your business operates can and will help you iron out the issues and make things better in the long run.


are you one of those people who think

things could always be improved I know I

am I'm a perfectionist

unfortunately because sometimes being a

perfectionist can actually hurt you

rather than help you however it does

help you anyway we won't go into that

so yesterday's episode was about

creating a workshop on whether people

were interested in workshops now I got a

couple of people who actually said they

were which is great I said these

workshops before so and I haven't sent

an email out to my email list yet which

I will do on Sunday on the Sunday dojo

so if you're not signed in signed up for

that do sign up anyway

and so I was working on my website I

created a workshops page I made sure

that calendly got set up and everything

going literally within a day it's quite

easy I could have done it quicker than

that but perfectionism and whilst I was

actually looking at my website I

realized there were some little things

so I improved them so the whole point of

this episode is things can always be

improved now if you think about runners

long distance write any kind of runners

they're always training and they're

training to improve themselves if you

think about people who go on any kind of

training it's they're basically doing

things to improve themselves you might

have gone on to some training courses

and workflow and workshops and so on to

improve what you know and that's always

a good thing but I've often find that

people don't have the time to improve

their business what I mean is that they

have their business and they keep

working on it

sorry working in it's not on it's

working in it so getting the clients in

making sure the marketing is OK and just

winging it and basically working on

everything now there's a ton of

marketers there's a ton of tech guys

the reason is because people always have

issues with it with their tech with

their copy on their websites with their

websites with the technology with the

running of their business basically with

everything so in every facet of a

business there's always somebody that

can help you and do things way better

than you can so the point is how do you

help your business grow how do you help

kind of save time for yourself because I

find a lot of people who work for

themselves they work 27 hours a day and

seem like they're getting nowhere now

again back that the reason why this

working so hard I don't very much doubt

that they want to make all the money

Under the Sun because it it's a killer

and there's no point you'll probably

find their work there they're basically

wearing their own hats like marketing

and website and stuff like that some

people can't do that website so they

they you know get somebody in to do that

but I find that there's always room for

improvement in any business and any part

of the business and I think if you're

having an issue with any part of your

business I think you should go and

sounds weird seek help go and actually

find someone or a business or a workshop

I mean obviously I would say that

because I'm doing workshop but something

that will basically help you to better

your business so you're not working

those 27 hours a day you know the

running joke for me is I work three

hours a day now that is true because I

kind of work three hours possibly four

hours a day for my clients and that's

more than enough money for for living

that's all I want but I do work all the

other hours because I want to improve my

business improve my workflow improve the

tools improve

you know I I didn't I wasn't able to

work four hours a day a long time ago

because I didn't have these systems in

place now these things that I've done

and I do for my clients is to make sure

that they don't have to work

twenty-seven hours a day they're not

fighting with their technology and

they're concentrating on their life

rather than concentrating on oh my god

this doesn't work what the you know and

then try to find someone on the on the

internet to see if they can help them

out and stuff so sorry someone's calling

me not now okay so there's always room

for improvement I would suggest going

through your business not just your

technology but your business and figure

out or figure out what part of the

business are you having problems with

and find someone pay someone and get

them to help you fix it because you

can't do everything on your own

no matter how much you think you can I'm

having issues issues with kind of

marketing in a way more to do with

because I've changed my business from

what it was to what it is and I'm trying

to find a way of getting people in to

what I do now and I think I'm gonna have

to find someone that's pure and simple

because that's not the hat that I can

wear anyway hope that's beneficial to

you as always sorry I was thinking about

something else as always keep it simple

wash your hands

we'll get through this together and I'll

see you tomorrow

have a great day ciao buh-bye

Let's stay in touch

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