Things 3: My task manager of choice and how I use it

Finding the right tool is paramount to getting things done thought your life or business, so when it was time to re-organise my workflow and framework, I stripped it all back and decided to go back to simplify.

In this episode, I will show you how I use my task manager of choice, Things 3, and give you an overview of how it could also help you too!


so in yesterday's episode I talked about

using a task manager and how you should

utilize a task manager and get rid of

your post-it notes to actually help you

in this episode I'm actually going to

show you my task manager so stay tuned

hi my name is Kay I'm a tech minimalist

and I help organize my clients

technology so they can free up their

time before we start if you're listening

to this on the podcast it might sound a

bit weird so in the show notes you'll

find a link to this actual video I'll

try to explain things as much as I can

rather than just show them so you can

actually understand a little bit more as

to what I'm showing that makes any sense

okay so this is my task manager now I

used to use things now things is a

fantastic task manager however I don't

need all of the features on there now

things three I used things from version

one or even pre version one and it was a

fantastic app however there were some

features that it was actually missing so

I was searching constantly searching for

a new app for myself now things three

have done did it did a massive update I

think it was last year and they were

constantly updating it with a few extra

features however the reason I moved over

was the simplicity of this app and how

it works how mac-like it is how clean

and sparse it is and the that I've just

actually realized that there were a lot

of features in todoist that I simply

wasn't using and I didn't need there

were so many yeah features that just

wasn't using and this is the thing a lot

of people saw as my dog walking down the

stairs okay there was there was a lot of

features that I thought I needed

and this is the issue a lot of people

think that they need specific features

on an app where in fact they actually

don't so I went to things I moved all my

stuff over in the past week or so a

couple of weeks three weeks that's

something like that and and it couldn't

be happier it syncs obviously with your

phone everything it's not cross-platform

so it is Mac only but then again I'm a

Mac junkie most of my clients are Macs

and that's where my what my niche is so

I don't need something that is on all

platforms it's not on the web it's not

anything but it is on your phone your

iPad and on your Mac anyway that being

said let's dive in and I'll show you

exactly what's going on so with that

this is the view that I use all the time

I work from the today view I make sure I

add dates to all my tasks so I don't

need to delve into the sidebar which is

which is this at all because I don't

this this already makes me it gives me a

headache because I don't need to see it

this is exactly what I need to see but

let's talk about the sidebar and very

basically we have an inbox so every time

I have any ideas when I'm walking down

the street I just put it into the inbox

and then I organize it afterwards I'm

not going to go through what these are

these are kind of self-explanatory today

is what I work from upcoming is what's

upcoming seven days I think it goes on

to the whole year or whatever any time

tasks that aren't dated sorry

any time I think yeah they're not dated

and some day is no some day is not dated

and any time isn't dated as well yeah

they're not dated as well I don't know

what the difference is between that I

don't use it any time I use some day so

I don't actually get it logbook is stuff

that you've actually done in the past

and obviously the trash very basics I'm

going to probably make

in depth video about this about each of

these sections I just wanted to show you

explain sorry what they were now just

like my filing and my calendar I have

three areas work business personal so in

my work is literally my client work or

my other stuff that I have to do for my

clients not my coaching clients my

coaching clients I actually use Basecamp

so I'm not gonna go there but basically

any thing that I need to do for my

clients and my prospects as well I don't

use a CRM I think this is actually

better for me than a CRM business is

anything that I'm doing for my business

and personal is obviously personal and

that's it so every time I make a a task

I put it into a specific area or project

and I date it I don't generally use tags

or anything I use kind of an overview

tag so if you notice in my today view I

have this all button and business

personal work now these aren't areas

these are actually tags so in my area in

my work area I've just put a tag to

explain to me what it is when I'm in my

today view so if I click my work tag and

I literally only see what I need to do

for my clients for my client work and

again same with my personal and same

with my business and I can press all to

see everything that's basically I try to

keep it as simple as possible I can also

see my calendar items for for today

in this view so I I can click onto them

and actually go to their appointment in

my calendar so this basically gives me

an overview of what I need to do at any

one time I don't need to go all over the

place to try to

what I need to do I obviously have a

calendar and as I say that I use

Basecamp to do specific things for my

projects like long-term projects but

short-term projects for my clients and

myself and for my business I basically

put into here is my dog walking up the

stairs again hey wolf are you gonna

relax okay

so again I just wanted to show you how I

organize my to-do list manager which is

now things three and has been for a few


and I really really like it because it's

so I can explain gesture friendly

especially when you're working on your

phone were you kind of swiping

everything and in todoist

I wasn't able to do that there are

certain things you could do but I found

that I was clicking too many buttons too

many pages too many areas to do what I

actually needed to do I on the Mac I

couldn't properly get rid of the sidebar

as I said I only work in that's a day

view so it was kind of a lot of the

features in there were kind of pointless

to me however saying that I don't

dismiss using todoist

for some clients I don't dismiss using

any other tool that I don't use for my

clients because I work with my clients I

have to get rid of those stairs I'm

sorry I have to find out how my clients

work and then figure out the right tool

for them but a task manager of any kind

is the best thing you can do for your

life and for your business and obviously

for your work because it will help you

organize everything and as you've seen

with my task manager it doesn't have to

be complicated it doesn't have to be


there are features in in in in things

that just haven't

if you're interested I'll do a more

in-depth video about about it so you can

keep it as simple as possible I mean

this whole channel and what I do and Mac

junkie as a whole my life as a whole is

about simplifying everything is about I

hate the word laziness I don't want to

use that but I want to be as lazy as I

need to be but make sure I get

everything done for my clients anyway

I'll leave it there for now as I said if

you're a podcast listener please go to

the show notes for a link to this video

so you can actually see what I'm what

I've been talking about if you're not

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and I will see you on Monday so have a

great weekend see you then ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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