We all long for simplicity, but we often don’t realise what that means. We’re inundated with companies and people telling us their version of simplicity only to find they’re talking about complexity, not simplicity.


The quest for simplicity continues well, as you know, as you've been watching my past few videos, I've been looking for a better backend for me to be able to write blog posts and post things to my website, easiest. So the website isn't changing, but the backend is, and every time I. Uh, found a new framework, a new system, a new platform there, make it look really simple, but then when you actually try to get it to work, it's, um, really, really complicated.

It doesn't need to be. I just don't understand why these companies who peddle simplicity actually make things more complicated than they are the simpler. It is the better it is. It depends. It's the same with running your business. The simpler your workflow is the better. Output you're going to get, and your clients are going to be happier because they don't have to deal with complexity as well at their end.

And that's one of the, actually, this is one of the reason I'm looking at it. Now, one of the reasons I use base camp, because it's really simple. And when I do use base camp, I find that my clients tend to actually use it and communicate through it way better than they in the past, where we used to do things via email.

So having. Simplicity embedded in your business embedded in the way you work is better for everyone concerned, especially your customers and your clients and the people that you collaborate with. Anyway, keep it simple as I always say, have a great day and I'll see you in the next one. Ciao.

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