The right environment

Creating the right environment for your surroundings when you work is a great way to stay healthy and productive, but do you also give the same amount of thought to your apps and tools?


so hi is Christmas week I thought I'd

make a video today obviously and this

weekend I was thinking about working

environments meaning you know we put a

lot of thought into the lighting the

chair the table the the environment of

plants and so on and so forth

but I don't think a lot of people think

about their tools in the same way

especially when it comes down to

computers I mean if you're a plumber or

a carpenter or mechanic in a garage you

put a lot of thought and effort into

picking the right tool so when a project

comes in you can pick the right tool get

on with it so it's not annoying you so

imagine having a imagine a carpenter

having a really crappy hammer and he's

using it just getting annoyed and more

and more with it firstly it would just

go out and buy another hammer but some

people just keep using the same hammer

the same tool all the time and I find

that especially with computers so when

I'm helping guiding and coaching my

clients I do see this quite a lot they

use a tool because they've always used

it which is the usual thing although

they like the way the program is but

it's not it's often not the best tool

that they're using so when I move them

over to another tool for a week or so

they get annoyed I mean that's just my

job i annoy people with helping them

after that they realized that they're

saving a lot more time and they'd be

actually becoming a bit more productive

in the way they work with the new app so

the idea of having the right environment

whether it's you know physical

environment as I said like chairs and so

on and so forth

your tool set your environment on your

computer is actually quite important so

when you're working with it you're not

getting annoyed too much with it anyway

it's a small video today it is Christmas

week I will be making videos all week

have a great day if you have any

questions about

listen if you need any help in fact I

would love for you to be able to share

this video because it would help me out

a lot and I'll help you out so I can

make more and more videos for you anyway

have a great week well actually have a

great day I'll see you tomorrow remember

keep it simple I see that job boy

Hi, I'm Kia

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