The pressures of making daily videos

If you're a follower, you're probably aware that I produce videos for my business, but I'm often asked about how I'm able to make them daily.

Now granted, there have been times where I've missed a few days (or weeks 😬), but that's not due to pressure. It's mainly due to having client work and not putting the time aside to do it.

Even though the pressure of making daily videos can be a thing, I've managed to get the process down to about 30-40 minutes from the time I have the idea to getting it posted online, so with the workflow in place, I don't feel 'pressure' at all.

The main thing for me is to get my story and idea out there for people to benefit from and not make my videos look like overproduced 'films'.

I started to do this because of the pivot I was making with my business and needed a way to get my ideas across. Hence, people understood what I was doing and what I call 'top-of-mind marketing', so when people think 'oh shit, there has to be an easier way' they think of me, I hope!

So making daily videos has become one of the things I do for my business and I love doing it, so no pressure at all. 🤓👍

Do you make videos for your business? And if you let me know, I'd love to check them out!

Hi, I'm Kia

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