The killer features that help

When I’m using an app, or better still, when I’m searching for an app to use, I always look for that killer feature.

Now don’t get me wrong, I always figure out what I need the app for first, but if there were one or two (or three) to choose from, I always go with the one that has a killer feature!


I'm very particular about the type of

app I use it takes me a long time to

decide what apps you use because of the

way I work and I generally do that with

my clients as well so when we're working

together and we're trying to work

through their workflow takes me a bit of

time to understand how they work but it

also takes me a lot of time to figure

out the best app for the client the the

thing that I think about when choosing

my own personal tool stack and the

personal sorry individual tools in my

tool stack I should say is that they

have to have a powerful feature they

have to be simple I mean simple as there

is the underlying thing here but they

have to have a really powerful feature

that pretty much no other app has or

does in the way that the app that I want

to use does that makes any sense so an

app recently I started using properly

because they went into a subscription

mode that I talked about this before and

I didn't want to pay the subscription

but when I found that this particular

app and I'm talking about fantastic hell

here had this particular feature it was

a game changer for me and the feature or

fantastical is actually just being able

to propose times where then the client

can pick which time and it's kind of all

done automatically I like to call it and

it's actually a really really great

solution for times where you actually

need to send out you know you need to

make a book an appointment with someone

outside of your organization or whatever

but you can propose different times than

they could choose and it's done things 3

is another app that I love using

obviously it works on the phone as well

as on the Mac but the powerful feature

for me with things is the ease of use

the simplicity the the beauty of the way

it actually

looks and works on the phone is amazing

because it's very gesture based and it's

almost the same on the Mac where it's

just seamless and you can just get

around it so quickly and get the details

get to the point of what you want to do

very very quickly my last one for now

there's many many more but the one that

last one I want to talk about is base

camp now base camp again stupid simple

it's it's such an amazing overall app

that works seamlessly but the killer

feature is the automatic check-ins it's

a it's I mean III was actually talking

to someone about this earlier today

yeah the features automatic check-ins

now you couldn't build that with

creating a tasking a task manager things

three to do it or whatever it will

remind you you would have to go and

create in the email set it up and send

an email and they might miss the email

and so on if you're working with a

client stick him into base camp do an

automatic check-in they will get that

message through their app through a

notification and they can answer it it's

invaluable it's such a powerful feature

if you're a coach like me or a trainer

or a educator facilitator and you work

with other with clients it's a no

brainer I don't care how much base camp

cost it's a lot of money but I just

don't care because that one feature

alone I think is worth its weight in

gold basically there's two base camp so

go through your tech stack figure out

the killer feature that you're really

looking for and see if there's actually

that available I'm sure there is

depending on what you want to do anyway

it's a short video today episode I

should start calling an episode I keep

saying video anyway short episode have a

great day

remember wash your hands keep it simple

we'll get through this together

and I'll see you tomorrow ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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