When I work with a client, the more I know about the end result (the destination), the better the solution will be. However, when on the road, I prefer the journey.


So they say the journey is better than the destination and Often that's true. Like as you know, I'm on a big road trip. I'm somewhere in Germany at the moment. Wolf is over there.

I Select here and it's forest kind of parking thing And it's great and I love the journey. The journey is has always been The number one thing for me no matter what I do Trying to come up with solutions the journey like finding out about those that tech stuff is great Building websites Finding out how to do specific things. That's the journey and it's great, but the end solution is actually the The ideal the goal really The journey is awesome and I love the journey and I think everyone loves that journey But the destination the thing that you actually want to do the end result whenever I work with a client I always say what's your end result because that's where we need to get to but the journey finding out to that end result finding out how to get to the end result is Is is the fun thing it's the fun factor it's the Yeah, the thing that I kind of live for But obviously the end the destination is great now.

I'm on this massive road trip I'm in Germany at the moment. I'm actually still near Holland So I have to go back to my storage space because I stored everything That part of the journey I hate organize everything but the journey on the road trip is Something that I've been thinking about for a long time. I've done it a couple of times as you guys know but now The end destination I don't know I just want to work remotely as you know That's that's what I do. That's what I teach my clients to do. I thought why don't I do it? So I want to work remotely The end result is not something that I've really given a thought about I'm Effectively houseless not homeless houseless because I wanted to go on a trip and then figure out what I wanted to do I don't know what's to go.

So there's someone's coming. Anyway, it's the For me, it's the journey and the end result is Is I'll see where I end up. Anyway, enjoy your I hope you enjoyed your weekend I'm actually recording this. Sorry doggy coming to say hello. It's the awesome being on the road Hopefully you had a great Easter and I'll see you in the next one. Ciao

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