We all need a purpose; otherwise, we aimlessly drift and waste our time on the mundane. So doing something we enjoy and getting paid for is the ultimate goal.


I hate the word job. I can't stand it. It annoys me, it irritates me. It always has irritated me.

I always wanted to be my own boss and do the things that I was able to do to be able to help people, right? Customers, clients, whatever you wanna call them. In fact, one of the first... jobs, even though I hate that word, but jobs that I had. One of the things that I created effectively was to be able to rewrite and print out CVs because back then, I'm old, you see. Back then, no one really had computers. Only companies had it, but I loved computers, so I had a computer. And I, yeah, rewrote CVs, typed them up, make them look as nice as I could, obviously, for back then. So it would help people get a job. So, and that kind of opened up my eye into be able to do something that I enjoy doing, computers, and things that I could do with it, in this instance, CVs and printing and word processing. to be able to help that person do what they wanted to do, do what they wanted, yeah, needed to do, wanted to do.

And that got me into what I'm doing now. So many years forward, I'm basically doing the same thing. I have a computer, I help people with their computers, simplify, et cetera, all the rest of it, you know. But what's happened in the past year, eight months maybe, is that, and this is my fault, this isn't a fault of the clients or whatever. is that I've taken on too much. So it's turned into a job. I love what I do. I'm not diverting from what I do. But again, it's turned into a job and I am beginning not to like it. I love what I do as I said.

I'm not liking the fact that I've put myself into this position where I'm forcing myself to take on work, again, my mistake, for it to turn into a job. I never wanted a nine to five job. I never wanted anything like that. And it seems to have turned into that and I don't want that.

So for the past few months now, what I've done, I've tried to do is not take on as much work or long term projects because I want to go, you know, they say email bankruptcy, I want to go company bankruptcy, not in the financial sense but bankruptcy in the sense that I just want to not take on these bigger projects and figure out what I want to do. I want to go back to enjoying the things that I want to do and I think we who work for ourselves, we work for ourselves because we want our own time and if you take on too many projects, it becomes a job. For me, that job becomes that 9 to 5 thing that I never wanted to do in the first place. I want to do the things that I enjoy doing, being able to help people reach their goals, and then people give me money for it, which is a side effect of being able to help people.

So, that's probably why you haven't seen so many videos from me. That's probably why you've seen my website change from here and there and everywhere. That's probably why you've seen these videos be a slightly different.

But it all comes down to the tech side of things as well. I mean, again, I'm a tech minimalist. I'm a Mac junkie.

I'm the base camp guy. Whatever you want to call it, I help people simplify their stuff. And basically, I'm being my own client. Like we always are.

Generally we kind of need to look inwards as to what the fuck are you doing. Change it, which is effectively what I tell my clients. What the hell is this? Let's change it to make it better. And I've just taken on too much work and I don't want to work anymore. I don't want a job anymore.

So you've probably, as again, you've probably noticed that I've got a bit more creative in the things that I do and the way I've done things. And I want to go along that route. and yeah I'm looking forward to it. I'm gonna stop, I'm probably gonna stop my email email list which is career suicide but you know we learn from our mistakes and we have to kind of do things so if you want to be following my journey you can do on this website on YouTube there's there are links but I think we should all do the things that we truly enjoy and we should do things that obviously help others and in my case I just don't want to have a job.

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