The importance of not being busy

If you’re always working and being ‘busy’ then you have no right to complain when others are too busy for you. Stop being ‘busy’ and start enjoying and doing things for yourself.

Derek Sivers - “hell yeah or no” -


so hi today's video is the importance of

not being busy and what do I mean by

that I hear so many times where people

are just constantly saying that they're

busy clients friends and so on and the

thing happened to me recently and I know

she's watching this my best friend I

died I need to talk to her about

something and she's always always

constantly busy now she's told me in the

past how busy she is with her work and

stuff and I understand it but it annoyed

me I needed to speak with her about

something personal and she was busy now

the the reason why I'm saying the

importance is not being busy is that

your life should have nothing in it

other than work and things that you need

to do not the other way around does that

make sense

you're not working constantly constantly

working and being distracted with the

work and everything to not have time for

yourself right so the importance of not

being busy is basically about having

your own time because people around you

will get annoyed so think about that

when you are working with your clients

if you're constantly busy and they're

asking for help whether it's a new

client or a project that you're working

on and you can't get back to them that's

annoying it would annoy you right so the

importance of not being busy is

basically just enjoy your life and make

work a secondary thing in your life not

the primary thing in your life

it was Wolf's birthday today he is eight

years old

I put a picture up here we went to the

park it was a great day so I wasn't busy

I had time to go to the park with my

trusty dog wolf and I'm not busy you

know you need to relax and you need to

give yourself time to do things that you

enjoy doing so I'll leave you I'll leave

you with that

the importance of not being busy is a

huge thing for me it is immensely

empowering actually to be able to say no

I mean that's that's kind of the next

video I guess to say no and held yes who

who was that who did the held yes thing

I can't remember I'll try to figure out

and I put it in the notes but anyway

that's my take enjoy the rest of your

day I'm gonna go and enjoy the rest of

my day with my trusty dog wolf who is 8

years old don't know where he is enjoy

your day and tomorrow I'm going to let

you know how I'm getting on with my new

workflow so keep keep tuned for that I

guess I do you chew it in I don't know

anyway have a great day

keep it simple talk to you tomorrow ciao

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