With the Apple WWDC conference next week announcing new stuff, we have to ask ourselves, do we really need new hardware every year?


Every year Apple has a conference around this time, and I love the fact that they keep updating their operating systems and software with new features. I think it's fantastic as we need updates, specifically security updates.

But what I am a little annoyed and sad about is the fact that they bring out new hardware, like new Macs, new iMacs, new iPads, and new iPhones.

Do you really need a new iPhone every single year? I've had my iPhone for five years or so, and it works great, the same with my Mac that I bought it in 2020.

I don't buy new Apple stuff every year. I never did, so I just don't understand why you would need to buy a shiny new Apple device every single year.

Obviously, there are tech geeks way geekier than I that do buy the latest stuff. However, a lot of Apple content creators will buy it, demo and use it, and then get a refund.

So I don't see the reason to exchange for a new MacBook, iPhone or even iPad every year. If there are specific features you need, I mean, the camera gets better, but how much better can they get nowadays?

I worry that people just buy stuff for no real reason as it seems it's an "I want it" rather than "I need it" scenario, and it creates this circular commerce of crapola where we're effectively throwing stuff out all the time.

I feel sad for the planet and also feel sad for the people doing it. There's no reason for it.

It's the same when I talk about software and tech running your business. You don't need the latest software. Is it that shiny object syndrome thing rearing its ugly head?

Anyhow, I'll be watching it. I may do a live stream, I'm not sure yet.

But before you watch it or before you get your wallet out, just think whether you actually need it because many of you, like me, won't need it.

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