Tech and IT frustrations

Livestream on October 15, 2019


hello we're live I think we're live okay

so I'm going to be pushing a few buttons

so I might lose focus so what am I going

to be talking about today tech

frustrations and IT frustrations now the

problem with IT is sorry something's

happening on my screen

the problem with IT I find is that

people don't quite understand how

difficult it is to try to figure out a

solution for the masses for more than

one person at the same time each

individual have their own way of working

their own systems in place and their own

yeah basically way of working mainly

because they've done the same work for

such a long time they've got a process

in place so when someone comes to me and

says can you help me with this the first

thing I have to do is well I need to see

what you're actually doing now last week

I had a client who is working as a

contractor he's working as a freelancer

but he's actually about to start his own

business his own practice and he we

spoke about he came to the office we

spoke for a little short while then I

then he showed me his system and it was

a complete mess he knew it was a mess I

don't think he'd mind me talking about

it the problem with the way he was

working is that like I find with

thousands of people that I work with

people get a computer that they work

they don't have a system in place but

the system kind of works into place as

they're working so there's never a

thought process of okay I'm gonna start

a business you go to the bank to get the

money or if you need to you go to your

business coach to figure out that what

you need to do

but no one's really thinking about tech

and IT and that kind of baffles me Oh

see it's my business it's like you know

having a car and going to the garage and

the guy saying well why don't you change

the oil every three months which is what

you're supposed to do but we don't do it

so the fact that I've seen so many

people were in this you know with this

problem basically so I have to basically

go and find the right solution so anyway

back to the story so he he works with

text files mainly and spreadsheets and

so on and he doesn't have like a

workspace or a to-do list or anything

like that everything was in email and

that's the topic on its own but he had

files with folders within folders within

folders within folders no real hierarchy

so it was called folder untitled folder

one two three four

untitled untitled folder and he was it

was a complete mess now we've all been

there don't get me wrong I'm not saying

that I've been a saint since I've had my

Mac and so on we've all definitely been

there but there are ways of doing things

than there are waves of ways of doing

things and you need to get organized the

other main thing is that you know we put

so much stock in our computers but we

don't really take care of them as as we

should I had the same conversation

Windsor's with the same client so

actually with a different client also

which was worse so just before the

weekend his computer died he needed to

work but I needed the computer for a day

or so to actually fix it but he's like

well I can't I need it so I worked over

the weekend and got it back to him

luckily on Monday but again we put so

much stock into our computers that we

don't think about what if it's basically

an insurance policy right what if

we hate paying insurance we really hate

it I hate it but we kind of need to have

some sort of a plan in place just in

case something happens to our IT so

that's why I'm kind of advocating going

over to the clouds because luckily this

this other client had everything in the

cloud so he was able to use his wife's

computer it was the weekend so she

wasn't working he could log in and

everything was there and we set that up

I think six months ago something like

that so he was really really pleased and

it's pretty simple to do but going back

to the folders and folders and folders I

mean people don't have systems in place

they have chaos in place and I see it

you know I've worked with you know

thousands of people repairing and fixing

consulting and everything to do with

Macs so I see people's computers in it

and how they being used and obviously if

I'm working on a project I don't think

about different things I will probably

mention it to the client but I see

folders all over the place I see files

all over the place I ask basic questions

like so if a client came to you and said

I want this do you have it in a specific

place do you have a client folder for

instance generally nine times out of ten

the answer is no I don't you know so how

do you look for something oh I do search

on the computer in which they're talking

about spotlight and then I find it okay

great but if you have thousands and

thousands upon thousands of files it's

going to take such a long time for

spotlight to index everything especially

if you get a new computer so it would be

virtually impossible for you to find

anything if we move all your data to

another computer because your computer

is broken so the idea of not having it's

it's funny for me to say not having a

proper system but not having a proper

system in place I mean you may well have

a system in place and it's your system

and I'm sure it works for you

but you've got to think about what if

and a lot of people don't think about

that and it's something that you kind of

need to look into so I've been look I've

been using many different I hate that I

hate the word project management tools

as soon as you say project management

people kind of glaze over and go or I

don't need it it's complicated Gantt

chart since no I'm the same I hate that

stuff I try to do things as simply as

possible so if you go back to look at my

video library you see how I work with my

projects and my clients and it's

insanely simple so it doesn't have to be

convoluted and insane people hate change

right look at my hair I shaved my head

it's really weird I shaved my head

because I just wanted to start all over

again and you know it took me a few

hours to get used to it and I hated it

and it's like well I've done it before

it my hair grows back really quickly

luckily I'm not yet going bald but

people hate change but we have to deal

with it and once you adapt to a new

system it makes it that will make your

life so much easier after a short period

of time you go I wish I did this before

so I'm actually going through change

with my hair and what they're

recognizing me but I'm also going to

through change with my system and I'm

going to be going through that through

the next videos and talking about that

as well so I don't like project

management systems they're too

convoluted for for some people I mean I

work with freelancers businesses and

professionals and there is differences

like some businesses need a project

management tool so obviously I help them

consult and install asana and things

like that but they don't always work for

everybody a signer will not work for me

I've tried it it's way too complicated

for what I need and too complicated for

a lot of people who

just you know small teams what we need

is a workspace we need a desk where we

have a filing system where we have all

the client information all the internal

communication or the client

communication everything in one place

and I'm going through a couple of

systems for myself and I've used these

systems before and I moved away from

them because I thought it was too

complicated but I realized I think I

might need to step up my game in the

what-if scenario so I'm kind of looking

into a different system for myself but

right now I'm using todoist

it's not a project management tool per

se it's not a filing system per se but

I'm using it for my prospects I'm using

it for my projects I'm music for my

personal things I'm using it for pretty

much everything even I'm even using it

as like a what's it called a Web Clipper

effectively so if I find something on

the net I put it in my to-do list which

is basically a to-do list like a but I

figured out a system that I'm able to

work with and this is the thing a lot of

people need you know they've created

systems that they can work with but it's

they don't think about what if and I'm

starting to think about what if and

again to do this is great I love the

company culture I love the way it's

built I love the way it looks the fact

that it works on everything on my phone

it syncs amazingly touchwood it has

never died on me so yes it's great why

am i moving that's a topic for another

video but so yeah this is a quick video

cuz I've actually got to go to my

dentist I'm not going to stay too long I

don't know how long it's been but think

about what if think about how you're

working what's your workflow from you

know if you're working with clients of

your consultant most of my clients are

consultants actually and trainers and

speakers and stuff like that which is

kind of interesting but anyway think of

your client process think of your work

process so from the tyent time

you get the email or the contacts from

the client too when you send an email or

an email yeah an invoice to the client

what is that process look like what I

usually tell people is work backwards so

you've got the invoice and you do the

work and so on and so forth in it you've

got the email if you work backwards you

kind of think more logically as to the

steps that you energy need to do whereas

what if you work forward sometimes I

find you go through it too quickly and

you miss some steps so you could do that

but I would suggest working backwards as

well and think about the journey

the client has yeah from the moment of

first contact to the moment of invoice

and work out the system and figure out

the holes in your system and figure out

what things apps services that you could

use to gap those systems and make the

experience not just for the client but

for yourself much easier and simpler

I oughta mate so many things I don't

over automate but I automate so many

things that things just get done that's

what computers are for right computers

are there to help you not to annoy you

so when a client books an appointment

with me by Mike and ee-vie my website it

goes straight into my sales process and

I contact them it sends me a

notification saying oh there's there's

somebody there and I contact them and I

deal with it and and go on from there so

think of a process think of your process

and think about how you can plug the

gaps what things are annoying you the

one thing that you need is a workspace

is a desk whether you work for remotely

or whatever you need a desk a digital

desk so you can work you know on a beach

with margaritas not a problem however

your desk has to come with you which is

your laptop and you need to be able to

work and have all your data or your

client information everything at hand so

if someone asks you can I have or do you

know you go to one place ago there is

not sir

oh my god is not there let's go and

search somewhere else let's go I mean

that that's it that's a headache because

that happened to me a long time ago did

happen to me and it was annoying like oh

where did I buy this part from or did I

do this with the client and so on so

forth so you need processes and they can

merge together but having hard borders

but again that's another so that's a

topic for another video anyway

that's it I again I need to go to the

dentist sorry to keep to make it short

today I may do another video later on

this week going through different apps

and different services if you have any

questions let me know in the comments or

send me an email in fact this is my

website there you go I like this thing

this is this is great so obviously if

you have any questions you know ask me

send me a message through my website and

then I can you know we can go through

the steps and help you that way you can

also just simply book a call with me and

hopefully we can go through it and

hopefully we can get your digital desk

and your IT frustrations out the window

so you can actually concentrate on

working and not fight with the tools

that are supposed to be helping you

anyway enjoy the day and remember keep

it simple talk to you soon ciao


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