Tame your iPhone notifications with Tech Minimalism

Do you ever find yourself picking up your iPhone and getting annoyed by all the notifications, red numbered circle on all the apps and a bunch of banners messing with your mojo?

Yeah, I know what it feels like. Well, just turn them off!

In this video, I walk through how Tech Minimalism has helped me to tame my notifications on my iPhone and how it’s helped me calm my iPhone usage.


so in today's video I wanna carry on

from my yesterday's video episode

yesterday was actually talking about how

I organize my iPhone and what's on it

what's not on it how many folders I have

and so on so if you haven't checked that

out go and check that out again it's

yesterday's video you can't miss it so

today's video episode episode not video

today's episode we're going to actually

talk about and I'm gonna show you how to

set up notifications for how best to set

up notifications again the point of tech

minimalism is to get rid of distractions

get rid of notifications it's the reason

why I don't have an Apple watch I'd love

to have an Apple watch because of what

it does but I even though you can turn

off notifications I get it but I don't

want that constant feedback I don't need

it I want to be able to be the person

the sole person to actually go somewhere

to find out information I don't want to

be hounded all the time obviously things

like phone calls and tasks and calendar

you need to be notified of those things

it's kind of it's a no-brainer it's

obvious but things like from from the

outside world you don't want to mess up

your mojo while you're in focus with

something whether that's talking to

somebody or whether you're deep working

or anything you're doing so the way I've

set up my notifications are again stupid

simple it's so simple it's unbelievable

so I'm going to go and show you on my

phone and basically how I've set it up

as you know this is my phone so in my

notifications I should have set this up

beforehand you'll see every single app

that I have on my phone obviously but if

you notice everything other than the

first one is Basecamp

that that's on other than things that

need to that I need to be notified about

so Basecamp

I'm using as project management tool

when I communicate with my clients etc

and stuff so anything that happens

then ads I wouldn't be notified but

obviously with Basecamp and with most of

these programs but specifically Basecamp

you can actually set the times that you

want to be notified so that that's

actually a pretty good thing with

Basecamp so again everything else is off

my bank just has banners no

notifications no little red icon or

anything like that

day one again I have like a daily

reminder remind to write something in

there and that's at the end of the day

so that doesn't distract me during the


face time obviously that's like a phone

call so I need that on fantastical is my

calendar so I'll see I need that on find

my phone very handy if you miss like

your phone so you want to be notified as

to where it is what else is going on

here Maps yeah if I'm driving somewhere

I want it to tell me where to go but

other than that there's nothing else

going on

messages again people contacting me with

information it's like a phone call

effectively what else Park mobile when I

park my car I want to be able to I need

to be notified as to yeah you got to go

and pick up your car or whatever so

phone that's kind of obvious again

everything everything is off things

which is my task manager I need to be

notified as to what I need to do when my

unifying network and protect them my

cameras in my office or see I want to be

notified as to what's going on but I

only have badges on so I can so it can

it basically gives me a visual cue like

oh there's there's something going on so

that's obviously good wire again a

communication tool and zoom which is a

communication tool that's it

everything else is off and the the point

of this again is to not be notified of

things that you don't need to be

notified about so in my phone I don't

want to pick up my phone

and seen lots of red marker saying you

need to do this you need to do this you

need to do this that isn't productive at

all in in any shape of form you want to

be focused on the tasks that you're

doing again no matter what it is so

picking up your phone should give you

that calm feeling as to okay I can make

my own decision as to what app I need to

check you know what information I need

to get from the app as well so like I

said in yesterday's video it really

doesn't have to be as difficult to be a

tech minimalist because basically the

whole point is to stop using technology

that you don't need the apps you don't

need the the notifications you don't

need the email emails that you can

unsubscribe from the the folders that

you have in your emails your wiki and

having it organized your documents and

having them organized now all of this I

talked about in my course so if you go

to tech minimalism com4 slash course and

subscribe to that you'll get five videos

over a period of five days about tech

mannerism and how it can help you and

this video is kind of a supplementary

video to that but I wanted to make this

out in the open so people can see what

tech minimalism actually is and how it

can help them anyway that's the episode


go and check your phone pick up your

phone right now actually do it right now

and see and check your notifications and

see what you can turn off because the

more you can turn off the more karma you

are and the more focus you can be in the

things that you want to do anyway I'll

leave it there have a great day I'll see

you tomorrow as always keep it simple

wash your hands we'll get through this

together I see you then ciao bye bye

Let's stay in touch

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