There is too much information out there, and all we seem to do is scan, skip and glaze at information. We need to take time to read, absorb and learn from what we’re consuming. Otherwise, we’re just wasting time.


There's so much information and knowledge and general content out there. These days that we forget to read it, we forget to absorb it. And we basically don't give it time. Two, we basically don't absorb that information. We go from one to the next to the next is, it is kind of like a FOMO thing. Fear of missing out.

Now I had this issue, uh, a while ago, like two, three years ago. And because there was articles that I wanted to read. So I kept bookmarking them and so on. So I would read it and skim through it. Um, and not really absorb that information. I took a few notes. I'm not great for taking notes in that context.

And I just. Really, I kind of realized that I wasn't absorbing any information. I find that happened quite a lot with the different people. We just need to take time to absorb because if we don't absorb then. The information is coming in and going out, and we're not retaining that information because we're not really absorbing that content, that information, that knowledge.

And I think if you give it a chance and I'm kind of thinking back as to how I was doing it, if you kind of give it a chance and say, right, turn off all notifications, which is basically what I do now. Anyway, sit in a quiet corner with your dog, with a whisky. Glass of milk, whatever, and read and absorb that piece of information like you would with a book.

If you're reading a book, you would basically sit in your favorite chair and read, right. And without distractions, hopefully. So. Consuming content and consuming knowledge from the internet. Shouldn't be any different just because it's on a phone or on a computer. And it's a new technology doesn't mean you shouldn't treat it like a book, like the information that you're getting from a book, because it is entertainment.

If that's what you're reading, but generally it's knowledge and absorbing that. Um, texts that video, that podcast, whatever it is. So I think we need to take time to absorb the information that we have rather than just skipping and saying, okay, where's the next thing? Oh, where's the next thing. Cause that's not going to get you anywhere anyway.

Have a great day and I'll see you in the next one. Ciao.

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