Stop moving your emails!

We all have to use email, we also have to keep them archived for future reference and available to us where ever we are.‍ Simplifying your email storage so you don't have to keep moving it over and over again is actually quite simple.

In this video, I go through different email systems and why using an online service works better for email storage.


so last week I did a video about email

folders how to simplify your folders and

so on and today I want to talk about

email data now let me explain it this

way when we move home we move boxes

right so you move from one house you

have a box unfortunately sometimes those

boxes don't get unpacked so then you

move that box to the next house into the

next asset into the next house and it's

actually kind of the same with email

I've moved data for clients hundreds if

not thousands of times and most of the

issue comes with email rather than

photos and documents and stuff email

basically is within your email program

and moving those you have to extract

them from the email program database

effectively and import them into another

email program on another computer so

just like moving houses why do we keep

moving these things from one computer to

another to another to another from one

house to another to another will it be

simpler if it was just in one place

where we can just log on and everything

is there well there is a system and you

you might you may well be using it now

or the system is in place and you might

not be using it and that's online email

where just like in the olden days like

Hotmail and yahoo they used to have

services where you logged on to their

service and you basically read your

email you can send and receive email but

you could also put that information on

your computer which is like Apple Mail

and so on to get those emails on your

computer now I use a Mac and I've used

Apple Mail for many many years I stopped

a couple of years ago because I found

that no I found they knew this before

but the space that's being used on your

computer is not finite you I mean you

had you have a certain amount of space

so why waste that space for emails where


when it could actually be online even

login and everything is there now the

system works in exactly the same way you

can send and receive and do your

signatures and so on so forth so I as

you know I've used G suite and I've used

e suite for a couple of years now and so

everything is online so so is my email

so I don't have to move my if I lose

this computer fall into a canal in

Dexter dam or it breaks or gets stolen

or whatever I could literally go into

the Apple Store begrudgingly given my

credit card details pick up another Mac

login and everything is there

I haven't had to move these emails from

one computer to another I haven't I

don't have to come home connect to my

time machine this store or my data just

to get I can literally just log in to my

web browser Chrome and everything is

there so the whole point of this video

is that there are way easier ways of

organizing your email rather than having

to keep track of where your emails are

oh do I have to move did I move this

last time I bought a new computer is

that folder still there the whole point

is to get rid of distractions and just

focus on your work right so why have

these kind of distractions so again I

use G suite I use Gmail Gmail is part of

G suite that you get free Google account

like Gmail comm but you also have G

suite for businesses and professionals

as well and so on which you pay for so I

use that for my business and I haven't

had an issue moving my computer from one

computer to the next because I just

literally log on and it's there anyway

that's all I wanted to say today enjoy

your day there go shopping keep it

simple and I'll talk to you in the next

video take care ciao Bali

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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