Stop losing business due to lack of communication

Communication is one of the significant parts of your business! If it breaks down, either with your staff or your client, then bad things will happen. You could lose money, your client’s trust and even staff morale. Is it worth it?


yeah I sent you the file I think it was

too lazy a let me just check my inbox

man I've got so many emails here I can't

find it

I know I've sent it to you wait wait

wait wait I'm sure I've sent it to you

why didn't you I don't understand why

you didn't receive it I know I sent it

I'm sure I sent it I can't I just can't

find it right now you're look you're

looking yeah I know but I know I sent it

so why didn't you

we lost the deal are you kidding me how

what I but I sent it to you check your

mailbox it's in your it's in your spam

are you kidding me and that's why we

lost the deal because oh this is this is


this is insane all right well what can I


I can't believe with all right anyway

yeah I know

see you later bye now how many times has

that happened to you trying to get my

acting skills in there if you call it

skills but I hear this quite often I see

on Twitter I see on LinkedIn

people don't like to talk about it

because they're losing deals but trust

me it happens I talked about you know

communication with my clients quite

often and set up systems so that they

are communicating and if you've because

you've basically got a business you got

staff but even if you're communicating

with your clients you have to have an

easy way set up for that communication

to happen because if it doesn't happen

that happens you lose deals you lose

money you lose focus we're in business

to make money

and if we're losing money and not making

it because of our technology in the

systems that are not set up correctly

what's the point of being in business

it's pointless

communication is a huge deal for any

business it's kind of like one of the

tiers which is a lifeline to your

business your customer your staff your

technology communication

it's a major tool it's a major aspect of

your business and if you don't have that

correct if you don't have it set up you

lose deals now it's really not difficult

to set these things up I'm just simple

amazed when I go to businesses and I'm

doing something else with them and then

I just you know happen to ask how is

your system set up how how are you how

do you work where are your files

what's the communication like nine times

out of ten no one's got any they don't

have a system they don't they just our

yeah we email each other if you're

emailing and it goes into spam boxes or

I didn't receive it and where is the

thread and look at this email reawy it's

giving me a headache even to think about

it so the point is make sure your

complete your communication is set up

well so you there is no missing link

within that arc from getting the client

to delivering whatever it is that you're

delivering whether it's a presentation

whether it's a web copy for instance I

mean building a website you really need

a proper system because you've

communicating with so many different


you got the copywriters you've got the

the Builder you got the developer you've

got I mean you there's so the designer

you've got so many facets of one product

you know build me a website building a

website there are so so many parts to it

that you need to make sure that

communication is done right in amongst

yourselves to get it done get the

project out the door done on time done

on budget ahead of budget ahead of time

this is what we need not on time or on

budget ahead of time ahead of budget so

think about the communication you have

in your business if you're on your own

obviously in your business with your

clients and if you're a business with

your staff and your clients externally

and see if it's set up correctly because

losing business is not the reason why

we're in business

anyway it's a short video today hope

you're having a great day and I see you

tomorrow as always keep it simple really

simple see it's a market gel

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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