Stop forgetting things, use a task manager

If you’re not using a task manager to help you throughout your day, then you’re missing out! Here are some tips and reasons why using a task manager will help you organise your life to free up your time.


are you one of those people that keeps

forgetting to do something I know I am

and I need a tool to help me in this

episode I'm going to go through and

reason with you as to why you should use

a task manager my name is Kay I'm a tech

minimalist and I help my clients

organize their technology so they can

free up their time now task managers are

a godsend to helping you organize your

day your week your year and the point is

whenever I speak to my clients about you

know how do you organize your work on

your day generally they say to me I

write it down on a post-it note and then

put it somewhere you won't believe the

amount of people that they actually do

this but equally you wouldn't believe

the amount of times they don't actually

look at the post-it note after they've

written a doubt or they've lose where it

is because they sometimes come unstuck

or they put it in their paper Filofax as

a way that they carry around the agenda

then they lose it and it still amazes me

that with the amount of technology that

we have out there to be able to help you

in this task people are not using it and

I'm kind of baffled

however when I ask people why they don't

use a task manager and why they actually

use paper is because they say well I

haven't found one that works for me and

I've tried it and it doesn't work

now just like yesterday's video it's not

the app or at all it's your system now

you may well have a system with your

post-it notes but you're not remembering

and things are losing so you need to

digitize that and make sure that when

you digitize it it will actually work

for you now I don't usually tell people

to go out and buy the fancy you know app

but they that you need you actually

don't need a fancy up this is the thing

now your Mac actually comes with a

standard stock reminders app and that's

more than sufficient for what you're


to to do to remember things I use my

task manager and my calendar kind of

together but my task manager mainly as

kind of like a assistant and unpaid

assistant the amount of times I've said

this so many people now what I mean by

that is that if we need to do something

and we have a you know a partner or a

wife girlfriend away you would say to

them can you please remember it remind

me to do this to do this now sometimes

they give when I was with my partner

they were way better than me and

remembering things so I would ask them

can you remind me to go and put my shoes

on and put my tie on or whatever it was

take the drinks out of the freezer and

they would just remind me to do that now

having a task manager is basically that

magnified to a thousand because once you

get the thing out of your head and put

it in your task manager you basically

remember that it will remind you so you

don't have to remember that's the whole

point you just basically put everything

in it now I'm going to show you my task

manager let me get this recording now

now this is my task manager now we're

not going to go through as to what the

task manager is the task manager doesn't

isn't the issue here actually having a

task manager manager is can't say task

manager is the issue not which task

manager now just like my filing just

like my calendar and obviously in my

task manager I have three main areas I

have a work a business and a personal

you can see it here now I will open up

the personal again I keep it quite small

and concise now I put things in the

personal area but I also have things in

the in the particular projects like car

house and stuff same in my business

business is to do as I said with my

filing video is to do with anything to


with my business so prospects stuff I

need to do on my websites the videos I'm

making like this one coaching

information and the course that I'm

building and the work is the clients

that I'm working with so every time I

want to work with a client and the tasks

I need to do for that client are in

there now I don't have an elaborate

system here I it's basically like my

digital assistants so I put it in my

computer it's synced with my computer I

have a thing that I need to remember I

put it in there put a date on it and it

reminds me I don't bother with tags I

don't bother with anything else like

filters on whatever I put it in the

right project or the right area and I

date it and I date it for the time and

the date that I want to do it not

necessarily the time but the date that I

need to do it and then it basically

comes it bubbles up effectively into my

today view because I only work from the

today view unless again I'm working with

on a project with a client then I go to

that client project then I work from


but generally whenever I date anything

it will just bubble it bubble up to the

to the top and that's where I work from

I don't do tags or and it's just it's


it just is completely pointless because

again we just want a simplified way just

like a post-it know how simple is you

write it down and put it the yellow

thing on the wall for it for something

to remind me to actually just get

something done anyway I'll leave it


think about task manager what I mean I

don't know whether you use one or not if

you do put it down in the comments if

you have problems with it or you don't

have a system in place let me know

because maybe I can help you out but the

framework and I hate the word system but

the framework is put it in give it a

date and a time if you need it and let

it tell you what you need to do at that

particular moment and that that's

basically it now it will help you to no

end you would

believe it again if you have any

questions put them down below or send me

an email via my website make

anyway that's the video have a great day

and I will see you tomorrow remember

keep it simple ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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