Stop fighting with your email

Have you ever been frustrated with your email and wondered how you could fix it? Well, this is the video for you!


so today I want to talk about email and

my email workflow now everyone uses

email but everyone hates it because of

the system or lack of that they have and

I've been using email since 98 99 or

something like that

and I've used OC different email apps

now this system can actually be used

with any email app and I've changed my

email workflow throughout the years and

this is how I'm using it now the

simplest way I can explain it is don't

have folders you don't need folders I

know a lot of people use folders because

of putting things in folders like for

later to find now I could understand

that before because the search functions

and these email programs weren't great

now however such yeah you can find

anything and I said I have emails going

back to about 9 yeah I think it's 98 and

everything is in one folder now you

can't do that with Apple Mail because of

the the way it holds this databases its

emails but as you guys know I use G

suite for my work of business etc and so

therefore I use Gmail so I have two

folders and I'll show you what I mean in

my I've kept of kept a few emails here

from today to show you how I organize it

so I have inbox

I have snoozed and that's a feature in

Gmail that I will talk about and I have

all mail so actually only have inbox in

all mail and notice I don't have any

other folders down here so what I

usually do is I will read an email and

basically archive it and that archive

goes into all mail so here I can press

archive and again archive now throughout

the day my email is actually like this

there's nothing in it

because I either delete it archive it

delegate it or put it into my project

management or and that's a topic for

another video but I wanted to show you

how quickly you can get rid of stuff

that's in your inbox you can also snooze

things so this email I snoozed I don't

want to actually see it throughout the

day it's a personal thing so I said okay

show it to me at 6 o'clock then I will

read it and what will happen is that

that will then in turn get moved into my

inbox and then I can see it now I don't

have folders Gmail that doesn't do

folders it's called tags now I do have

some tags these these two at the top is

to do with an app that I'm using so

let's forget those at the moment

appointment business domains inquiry in

invoice now the reason why I have these

tags is when I'm in my all mail I can

quickly see what it is so I can skip

through it or actually deal with it and

I think there's one here yeah called

appointment so when they come into my

inbox pretend this is my inbox and it

will never be like this but pretend this

is my inbox if I go through I can see

exactly what it is and they get tagged

automatically when they come into my

email basically my inbox sent scheduled

well that's a feature within Gmail that

just added you can actually send an

email out later on but basically that's

it I mean this it's you can have this

you can have 0 the thing is how you deal

with it and how you organize it I know

that a lot of people are used folders

for projects like that you know this is

project a project B project C now again

it's a topic for another video but you

shouldn't use email as a to-do list you

shouldn't use it as a archive in the


of I will look at this later because

it's to do with this project yeah I mean

basically you shouldn't be doing it for

that it's a communication tool you get

it in read it throw it away archive it

delegate it or put it into your project

management tool don't leave it in your

email to say I'll go and deal with it

the reason for that is it's it's a

mental thing if you have a bunch of

things let's deal with it this way if

you have a bunch of stuff on your table

and you come to the table you kind of

walk away because it's like oh wow

there's so many things I have to deal

with before I do the actual work that I

need to focus on emails the same keep

your inbox with nothing in it or very

little one or two I used to do that

before the snooze feature or people used

to I used to do the flagging but again

there are too many places that you need

to go and see to look up to look at I

should say where you to know what you're

doing for that day or what that email

was about so keep your inbox at zero

keep it simple you don't need a bunch of

folders I'm going to do a video later on

another time about project management

and how you should deal with those

emails but yeah that's basically it it's

a very short video today I don't want to

ramble on it sounds like a happily gone

I'm gonna go and take a walk with my dog

wolf soon

after I've edited this I hope you guys

have a good great day as they say and oh

yeah I am doing videos every Tuesday

however I've noticed people are asking

me about certain topics and I can't do

one every day right now I just don't

have the time I can make the time but I

don't want to do one every day I'm

planning to do one on Thursdays also so

Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll do a video

so keep an eye out as they say in

YouTube land comment subscribe and like

this video if it helped you out and

share it with anyone who you

will benefit from it anyway again have a

great day I'm gonna take Wolfe for a

walk and see you guys next time

ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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