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We all get annoyed when we need our things fixed, but it's especially annoying if the tool we need to run our business will be out of action for days. In this video, I'll explain the other side of the coin and some tips on how not to create urgency with your Tech.


hi it's kamek junkie the tech Mentalist

I help people minimize their technology

so sorry about the video today it's a

bit different I'm actually my kind not

my office and the reason for that is

there's an urgent matter that I have to

go and deal with with a client where her

computer isn't working well this is what

she explained to me which is she's kind

of lost some files on a computer she was

she's working with Dropbox so it's been

two days actually but this is the only

time I've had to be able to go to that

go to see her and this kind of brought

me to the topic of urgency and how we

all look after our computers I find it

amazing that people care care more for

their cars and they do for their

computers you know every year you take

your car for a service and an oil change

and so on but with computers you

generally don't you kind of expect them

to work all the time right well yes they

should they do work all the time but

what if something doesn't work whatever

you lost files in this case what if

something just stopped working

you obviously need someone to be able to

help you out with that but my point is

the urgency obviously this is quite

urgent and we all need our computers so

I'm changing lanes we all need our

computers to run our business and you

can't believe the amount of people that

I get every other day saying I need this

by tomorrow I need this by the end of

the day well yeah I'll do my best to

help you out but it's not always

possible so you have to look after your

things that not just computer but just

things but computers and technology for

your business so you can carry on

working keep them real in motion

don't leave it to the last minute don't

make it an urgency

within your business so make sure your

computers are up and running make sure

the software you're running a work the

way you want it to work and then you

shouldn't have any problems anyway

that's the video for today again sorry

I'm in the car but I thought why not

let's try it with simplicity I just use

my iPhone then have a great weekend keep

it simple and I'll see you next week

ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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