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Start paying attention to the remote work conversation

Remote Work isn’t a fad, it’s one area of your business that you need to start paying attention to. The talent you’re employing could be of much better calibre if you start casting your net wider.

However, if your Tech & IT isn’t up-to-date or you don’t have the right framework for remote work, then now is the time to start thinking about it.


the discussion about remote work has

actually got louder and louder in recent

times not specifically because of what's

going on around the world with this

virus but mainly to do with how

businesses can move forward with their

technology you know this whole digital

transformation thing that I spoke about

a couple of days ago and so on and

remote work is basically the next tier

the next step of your business doing

well now what does that actually mean

well if you are a company who is who's

got like bricks and mortar you've got an

office and you want to employ someone

you generally look for someone between

where the business is now that's a tiny

tiny amount of people talent pool on the

global scale that you have access to

which is like nothing if your business

wants to do well you have to cast your

net much wider and that's where remote

work comes in - a lot of people are

asking for remote work I mean if I was

to work on my own remote work or p-part

from the money obviously will be quite

high up on you know on my negotiations

so remote work is actually very very

important right now

it's as important as when Netflix went

to Blockbuster and said we want to do

this and blockbuster said no we're a

blockbuster now they're not around

Netflix took over so you've got to be

careful of what you say no - and what

you don't think about with the new

technologies that are out there now

remote work is a huge thing right now

and you've really good if you're running

a business you've really got to make

sure that your technology your IT your

tech stack is ready for that

transformation into remote

because if you're not you're going to be

basically left behind so again the whole

point of what I do with tech minimalism

is not to in and they knew with

technology it doesn't have to be that

difficult it can be simplified it can be

organized and it can be efficient but

basically you've got to put the work in

at the beginning to actually go ahead

and do it now there are going to be

people within the organization that

don't like change and don't want change

but you know what without change you're

not going to move forward anyway I'll

leave it there today have a great day

as always keep it simple and remember

remote work is coming to bite you in the


she don't doing something about it

anyway keep it simple and I see you

tomorrow Chapel bye bye

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