Square wheels

Livestream on November 5, 2019


ah we live

I think we're live okay hi my name is

Kay from makjang key actually I have a

new microphone today so I'm hoping you

guys can hear me well I did test it but

anyway what am I talking about today

today I'm gonna be talking about square

wheels what do I mean by square wheels

you've seen that you've brought you're

on social media you've probably seen a

meme find it for you hear this meme

makes so much sense to what I do and

what a lot of people do we're so caught

up and busy with doing what we're doing

no one really pays attention to how

their workflow could be better

whether they've told or whether they see

or whether they just come across a

better way of doing things like no I'm

I'm happy with what I'm doing

I'm happy with my square wheel which

makes no sense to me now we all have a

square wheel everyone has one I even

have a square wheel have many square

wheels unfortunately but actually this

is a square wheel this jumper this is my

favorite jumper right

it is my square wheel what I mean by

that is it's so comfortable it's it's

wall it seems stupidly expensive I

should've bought it

I wish however I bought 10 of them I've

had it for many years and I wear it all

the time

however the square wheel is this thing

it's annoying

yes I could patch it up but then it

doesn't become my jumper so I don't want

to patch it up so everyone tells me to

go out my best friend flaw keeps telling

me going at another channel for going

you know this is comfortable I like to

keep it so I understand the concepts

you've seen it now now that I'm gonna

wear it you're going to constant

think of this so everyone has a square

wheel no one wants to change their

things however there are better ways of

doing things there are better ways of

understanding how you can progress

basically obviously my business and what

I talk about is technology so what do I

mean by square wheels in relation to

technology and keeping things symbols

and so on tell your story

so I basically make people's technology

go away so they can concentrate on the

work focus on the work and not worry

about the technology behind how they

work right I had a client last week

which I'm almost finished a project with

and she she's a coach trainer actually

most of my clients seems to be sorry

that's my dog going down just downstairs

so most of my clients seem to be coaches

and trainers and entrepreneurs and stuff

like that so anyway she had a slow

computer she asked me to help the

computer firm that was from 2009-2010 so

she already knew she had to get a new

computer but she was annoyed with her

emails where her files were nothing was

sinking and so on so I explained to her

so that was her square wheel so I

explained to her how you know gee Sui

basically can help with unifying

everything so she has seen my workflow

in my videos I've seen in the past

she just lives down the street she's

also a friend anyway and so I explained

you know how I can do this so I showed

her but she didn't quite understand it

because you never understand anything

when someone's showing you their their

work however she took a leap of faith

I started on a project we got a brand

new she bought a brand new MacBook I

converted everything

set up an account everything and then we

had actually we had good communication

because of how it anyway this is another

story so I set up the computer and

everything and then we had a usually I

do one hour session so she came round we

sat down in the office and I was going

through everything now the one hour

session turned into two hour session

because after the hour she was so happy

because she understood in the realms of

her work like her workflow how things

will be after we had done this so all

her files were in the right place I

showed her that she can get her files on

her phone I also showed her where all

her emails were emails in one place she

was worried about sending emails from

her phone and it never worked so she

created a gmail account to actually just

send emails which confused things

obviously for her clients and for people

she's sending emails to because if you

send a fire sorry if you send yeah if

you send a fire Gmail if you set it up

in your gmail account the person sees

your Gmail account not your domain name

so so my company name is Mac junkie.com

so if I sent it through my Gmail it will

be whatever at gmail.com not whatever at

Mac junkie comm so people would have got

confused so so that our session turned

into to our session because halfway

through she was like so engaged and

happy with it that we talked about all

the other aspects of it which usually

I'd do it in two or three different

sessions but we did it all in one it

didn't take too long it just kind of

whizzed through it and she was really

really happy with it and luckily I

haven't heard anything back yet from her

so I'm sure she's happy so obviously I

do follow ups and I gotta finish off

some of the emails but the point is she

had a square wheel we all have square

wheels and finding a better way of

working finding

a better way of yeah not being busy yeah

this concept of being busy kind of has

never made sense to me I never tell

anyone I'm busy because I'm never busy

I'm bored

which is really weird to say bored in

the sense that I you know my it's so

weird and so big-headed my system is so

streamlined there everything is done

where most things are done automatically

and I don't have to think about a wolf I

don't have to think about a lot of these

things so my dog is coming to say hello

come on say yeah good boy he's here so I

I make sure everything is nice or most

of the time I'm bored and not busy so

that bored time I actually work on my

business rather than in my business like

client work so I I set time aside I did

a time blocking video last week I think

it was I have a look at that so I set

certain times off so in the morning I do

client work in the afternoon I do phone

calls and introductory course and then

they towards the evening towards the end

of the day I do meetings basically at

the end it just works out for me that

way so don't be busy be bored that

sounds so weird but you and so what I'm

saying and they'll tell anyone you're

busy because you shouldn't be busy your

work shouldn't make you busy you have

eight hours in the day to do your work

and if you've set up everything

correctly you said got rid of

notifications to make sure you do emails

in chunks not as they come in make sure

you have one tool open it at one time so

hard borders so I only have one app open

at any one time so if I'm working on a

client project I have their project

thing open at that time and that's it so

um my babbling I don't know so I think

you guys get it anyway hard borders

keep it simple get rid of york where

your square wheels quit for square

wheels and yeah keep it simple there's a

button below if you need to get in touch

with me if you want me to elaborate a

bit more and anyway keep it simple I'll

see you next time ciao

bye bye oh I'll leave you with this

leave you I'll leave you with this have

a good day ciao

Let's stay in touch

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