Be the architect, not the builder. This is something I heard a while back and stuck with me. There’s nothing wrong with being a builder, but sometimes one’s mind is more geared towards finding solutions rather than building them.

I wrote a Twitter thread about finding a solution to my website woes.


There's always a solution to a problem. Always doesn't matter what it is. We wanted a cross water. We built bridges or boats. We wanted to get there quicker, more quicker than horses. We built cars once it get there even quicker, we built planes. Humanity has always created great solutions for problems and with tech there's no different.

There's always. Not always because there are some apps that are absolute, utter, rubbish, crap, whatever you want to call it that, but there are some apps that are fantastic and just work, but there's always friction between you and the thing that you want to do re related to tech. And there are solutions to create those things, but even those solutions, some of those solutions are actually not that good, but there are many great ones out there.

And sometimes you find a unicorn. To, to me, to you, you find a unicorn that go, well, why didn't I think about this before now? I have an issue. My issue is I want to share more things this coming year. I want to be able to post quicker better without having to worry about the technology. Right now, I'm using my website and my blog posts, these videos and stuff are on my website, personally, branded, which is fantastic.

But. It's a bit of a pain to, um, to post things in a way. So that is a problem that I've found. So I went out yesterday was longer than that, but yesterday kind of honed in and said, okay, I really need to get this organized because I know I'll be posting more. So I want to make it easier. So I looked and I found the perfect solution.

So for me, There was a problem, but then I found a solution for it. And for you probably be exactly the same. There's an issue that you have. There's a friction point that you have, you just need to get out there and find that solution for it. I was. Like three to four hours a day. It's no secret. I talk about this all the time.

The reason I I'm able to do that is because all the friction points and all the, um, problems that I've had, I've created such like real simple solutions. So I don't have to worry about it. And the next one is my website and being able to post quicker. So there's always a solution out there. Go out and look for that solution.

And then. Have a great day and I'll see you in the next one. Ciao.

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