So, what’s Tech Minimalism?

In this video, I want to talk about what Tech Minimalism is to me. After running a few businesses over the years, I’ve found a way to minimise and simplify every aspect of my business.

Tech Minimalism has helped me to be hyper-focused on daily tasks and to help my clients rather than fighting with my Tech and IT.

So as a Tech Minimalist, I now help my clients with what I have learned over the years to simplify their systems so they too can have more time to live their lives more calmly.


so happy Monday hope you're having a

great day I hope you had a great weekend

so anyway in this video what I want to

do is talk about tech minimalism and I

talked about tech melanism all the time

and I want to explain to you what tech

minimalism is for me we've heard a bit

we've all heard about minimalism we've

all heard about digital minimalism

minimalism is basically a way of life to

minimize the things around around you

digital minimalism is basically the same

thing to do with your computers and so

on now what I do which is tech

minimalism is related to that to that to

a certain degree but tech minimalism for

me is to get rid of the distractions

from your computer and your workflow so

you know I've been in business for a

very very long time like 28 years or so

and I've had thousands upon thousands of

clients and what I see with my clients

is that the issues that they have with

their workflow not necessarily are you

know being a Mac junkie I run a company

called makjang here being a Mac junkie

and helping people with their computers

whether it's a repair or training or

whatever coaching but I see the

distractions that they have with their

workflow so I help professionals as well

as home users with their Macs and again

the the distractions that they have with

how that were using their computer the

distractions they have with how they're

using their phone and the general

distractions they have when they're

running their business you know being in

business for such a long time I've

basically had to walk the wear a lot of

hats whether it's building my website

doing the SEO doing the marketing doing

the copywriting doing my workflow I've

learned so many things and throughout

that stage throughout that time I've


things that I shouldn't do and I've

learned how to minimize and simplify the

workflow my workflow so I'd knock some

concentrate on being hyper focus and

concentrating what I need to do rather

than fighting with the tools and finding

the right tools where I can simplify my

workflow and by learning that and making

my company Mac junkie as simple as

possible I mean if you go to the website

you understand how simple that is

it helps me enables me to help my

clients better so I'm not fumbling

around with gathering information or

rain contracts or anything like that

it's all done it's all pre done so tech

minimalism is basically getting rid of

all the distractions simplifying it so

you can enjoy your own time and live it

better I guess

anyway I hope that's helpful to you Oh

what I am going to be doing with tech -

I'm just so you know sorry my dog is

coming up the stairs hey wolf just so

you know is that I'm going to be

creating a tech melanism website under

tech melanism comm I've created a

Twitter account as well I'm actually

still building a website and it's going

to be all about tech melanism my

coaching programs some resources and

information and if you go there you can

also sign up to my mailing list now my

mailing list might make junky mailing

lists it's been a it is in bilva

disarray right now so what I'm planning

to do is simple flying it simplifying it

into one list I have been sending emails

out when I wanted to that's really not a

good idea and I realized that and I've

realized that for a long time but just

haven't had the idea of what I've had

the real idea of what to do with it so

now what I'm planning to do is making my

email list go out every

they like I make my daily videos as a

routine my routine will be sending an

email out every Sunday call and I'm

calling it the Sunday dojo and it's

gonna be about tech minimalism obviously

Apple related tips and hints there'll be

some courses I'm gonna be building some

courses throughout the year so if you're

interested in being a beta tester for

one of the courses that would be awesome

you'll learn about it at the on the

mailing list and any special offers

obviously I have in some news and stuff

about tech mannerism and stuff that

would help you out

so anyway head on over to MEC

for slash subscribe I'll put it up here

subscribe to the Sunday dojo and I will

see you on Sunday on the mailing list

but I'll see you tomorrow this is

getting really complicated simplifying

yes I'll see you tomorrow in tomorrow's

video anyway have a great day

I see you there in check

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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