So how safe is your data?

In a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday the topic of data storage and how cloud services like iCloud Drive, G Suite & Dropbox should be used. The issue that came up was backing up all the data and the best way to use them to get organised.


so how safe is your data the data that's

on your Mac is it encrypted is it safe

do you have a backup

do you use an archive hi my name is Kay

I'm a tech minimalist and I help people

organize their technology so they can

free up their time so I had a

conversation with a friend of mine

yesterday and he had an issue with his

iCloud and he couldn't quite figure out

where the data was stored and I'm gonna

kind of go over what we kind of

discussed and give you some options as

well so iCloud is actually a fantastic

service and I use it but you need to

understand how it works now in your

iCloud account in your iCloud Drive

there is a check mark on your Mac in the

System Preferences where when you check

it it's called desktop and documents

folders so the desktop and the document

folder gets synced to your iCloud drive

your iCloud account which is a fantastic

thing however it doesn't mean it's on

your computer now there's a feature on

the on Mac OS where there where it

optimizes the data that's on your

computer and I'm going to get to this in

a the reason why I'm talking about this

in a moment and what the optimizing

means is that if you don't have enough

space on your computer this is why they

sell you know Mac's with 128 gig SSDs

which isn't that much it's because the

data is in the iCloud you can see it on

your computer and as soon as you open it

or click on it it basically downloads it

for you to use straight away so it's all

pretty much automatic the problem with

that is and this is the chrome app

however fantastic that system is you

don't actually have a backup of that

data it's in iCloud if you forget your

iCloud login details and stuff you're

not going to get that data however if

it's synced and you have enough day

- sorry enough space on your computer

then it's actually mirrored so it's

there in iCloud and it's on your

computer so when you use time machine as

a backup that data should be backed up

on your time machine so then you have a

backup or if you backup via a program

called Carbon Copy cloner or stuff or

you know apps like that then your data

that's on your computer is backed up to

a local hard drive fantastic now G suite

and as Sarah said other companies what

they do is when you install the I think

it's called

Google Drive app file stream sorry I

should say file stream app on your Mac

there is a feature where you can choose

whether you want it on your computer or

whether you only want it on Google Drive

for instance so it is mirrored it's in

both places but if you're working

offline you can actually choose for it

to be on your computer so it so it works

out differently so like a like the video

I explained this in a video a while ago

about the difference between usable data

archive and backup now there are three

different things there's three main

things usable data is stuff on your

computer or in iCloud Drive or in Google

Drive or Dropbox or box comm stuff like

that I call or USB Drive in fact that is

what I call usable data do not mistake

iCloud or Google Drive or Dropbox as a

backup because it's not a backup it's

just data that you can have access from

all over the place an archive is is is

like for instance if you're working on a

project whether it's photos or video or

documents for clients or whatever it is

you finished with that project

which is on your workable drive as it

were you would archive it and then put

it away because you don't really need to

access that data at all times you need

to access the archive but you don't need

you don't need that everywhere kind of

thing so that doesn't necessarily have

to be on a cloud service in fact I

wouldn't put on a cloud service the

archive the backup is backing up the

last two so the backup is backing up the

archive and your usable data now there

are some services that only I spoke

about it earlier in the video with

iCloud help to backup so you have to

figure out how to backup all your data

that it's safe one last thing about

backup a lot of people in if in the

olden days I say olden days in the past

what people used to do is say oh I've

got I don't have enough space on my

computer I will put it on an external

hard drive it's backed up in spinning

inverted commas and that's not a backup

the backup is making sure that your Dre

your data is on more than one drive more

than one place I usually backup and make

sure it's in three places depending on

what it is definitely two places because

if you put the data from your computer

onto a drive that drive can break you

see where I'm going here so the point is

that backup is making sure that your

data is in two places the archive is

backed up but it's something that you

don't always need to access it's

literally an archive down in the

basement somewhere that's where archives

that usually are libraries on and your

workable data is things that are on your

computer on a USB stick excuse me on

iCloud Drive on Dropbox and things like

that because there you can access them

from anywhere people are using those

services as backups and it's so majorly

wrong to

to do that it's it's unbelievable anyway

that's the episode today hope you're

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