Simpler than simple?

Is it possible to make my workflow, even more, simpler than it already is? That's what I was working on over the past weekend while I was sick with my 'man flu' and I think I might have just retired 3 or 4 of my workflow steps.

So during this week I will work with this newfound way and report back at the end of this week to let you know how it went. It's only Monday, but so far so good!


so hello happy Monday as you can see I

still have my hat on and my scarf on not

gloves because it is quite warm because

I still have my flu I've had it all

weekend and it's been really annoying

and I've actually got a headache right

now but whilst I've been relaxing

relaxing trying to recuperate basically

I haven't been laying in bed because

lying in bed for too long just gives me

a headache I've got a very comfortable

bed but my back is fine but my back

would be fine but it just gives me a

headache to lie down for so long so I've

been drinking bunted bunch of tea having

lots of goodies and orange juice and

headache tablets and so on so I'm

getting there but I'm not there yet but

while I was in that state relaxing

obviously I have my laptop with me and I

have my phone with me and I went through

my workflow I do this for my clients so

I thought why not go through it for

myself and see if I can optimize it even

more than it is and you know what

you wouldn't believe this but I have

managed I think get rid of three tools

so where I was showing my the the

previous video was about my iPhone

previous not previous but one of my

iPhones sorry one of my videos was about

my iPhone and what I had on it so I went

through my iPhone again and try to

figure out whether I could get rid of

specific tasks as specific yeah tasks

like a different workflow basis of a

different specific parts of my workflow

let's get it out told you I got a


and I managed to get rid of two possibly

three other steps of my apps to make

even more simple and it's I'm looking at

my computer now and it's so simple that

I'm wondering if it would work so I'm

gonna stick to this plan I'm not gonna

tell you exactly what it is right now

but let's just say that I'm using

Basecamp a lot more and got rid of two

three apps and replaced it with parts of

Basecamp and yeah it's only Monday so

I'm gonna see how that goes

but coming into work as it were coming

into work mode today I've already

realized I've saved a bunch of time

already which is already kind of insane

so what I'm gonna do is try this out see

how it goes and kind of report back

towards the end of the week and let you

know on Friday

you know how I'm getting on with it yeah

I mean I think that that's kind of the

best way to do it again because I've got

a throat I really haven't been thinking

about making a specific video but I kind

of like these implant few kind of videos

because you then see me and my fumblings

and so on so I wanted to kind of keep

that live aspect of it without doing

live videos I wanted to keep that kind

of live aspect of it so one take that's

it and leave my faults in there with it

and pauses as you can see anyway enjoy

your day have a good Monday if you have

any questions about your workflow please

put them down in the comments below or

send me a message through my website

which is MEC junkie comm have a good

Monday I'll see you tomorrow and keep it

simple okay

bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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