Sharing what we plan to do can be more detrimental to our plan than we realise. We often don’t get to do everything we plan out, especially in a new year, so showing and doing what we want, and failing, is better than dreaming of what we wish to do.


We all know the saying show don't tell the problem is whenever a new year comes around, everyone talks about the things that they want to do in that year. And oftentimes it doesn't get done. And I think the reason is because the, the idea of wanting to do something kind of trumps actually doing that thing.

So often, it's more beneficial for you to actually just do something rather than think about doing something. You probably have a ton of things in your to-do list. You probably tweeted a bunch of stuff, probably stuck loads of stuff on Facebook and LinkedIn about how you wanted what you want to do in this coming year.

But you'll probably find that half of it. I would say all of it, you probably won't get done. So this thing about showing and not telling, I think really comes down to getting stuff done, getting on with it, just doing it. If you fail well, you've, you've tried it. Cause failing is a good thing. And a lot of people talk about failure as failure.

Failure. I've learnt so much by failing over the years, being embedded. That I've learned those mistakes and not to do that stuff again. I'm over 50 now. So I've made so many mistakes that where I am now, I'm happy with where I am. I am successful w uh, as to what I'm doing, because I just did stuff and failed, and then learned from those failures.

Tell anyone what you want to do, just get on with it and show what you're doing. Let them follow your journey. And I hope, I hope that you'll follow my journey or our journey will is here somewhere. I will, um, this coming year anyway, have a great day and I'll see you in the next one. Ciao.

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