Setting goals

Do you ever set goals for yourself or your business? I never did until recently. I obviously set some 'sort of' goal, but never committed to them religiously.

That has changed recently, and over the weekend something so extraordinary happened, that I just had to set this massive goal for myself.

Yes, I ordered the Tesla Cybertruck!

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so the weekends come and gone and a lot

has happened

I ordered the Tesla now the new tester

the cyber truck yeah this thing

it's an insane looking machine same

looking car truck now it's not available

till 2022 the version that I wanted now

why did I buy it why did I order it this

is all about goals setting goals for

yourself and I've recently starting

recently started saying up shorter goals

or smaller goals and I've hit the

targets all the time I've never really

done long term goals because I think

when you get up in the day obviously you

have things that you need to do

throughout the day but I've never really

put long term goals on my plate I think

like this anyway so I thought to myself

you know what everything's going pretty

good let me just put a deposit on this

let this be a goal now why am I talking

about goals well in business you need to

have goals and to get to those goals to

hit those targets and goals you need to

make sure that everything's set up

correctly and I work with so many

clients now that I mean I just had a

call with somebody just now about the

way she was running her business now she

can tell her clients what to do this is

an email she sent to me actually she can

tell her clients what to do but running

her own business

technically she just gets completely

confused and wanted my help so hopefully

we're going to be working together so

the point is to reach those goals you've

got to make sure that your path is clear

and if you're working 18 hours a day 12

hours a day or even eight hours a day

some people do work eight hours a day

and they're okay with it but do you

really want to work eight hours a day so

set a goal clear the path to that goal

and get what you want and this is what I

want and this is my goal are you gonna

help me get it anyway that's the video

I'm not asking for money by the way

that's the video have a good day and

I'll see you tomorrow

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