Security, privacy & GDPR

If you're running any kind of business you NEED to be aware of GDPR, if your thinking "It won't happen to me" then you're making a BIG mistake!

In this live stream, I'll be showing you a list of companies that have been prosecuted, and we're not only talking about the big organisations here, we're also talking about the smaller ones like you and I are running to!

I also go through a few easy steps on how you can safeguard yourself from this law.


so are we live yes I think we're live


hi my name is Kay from make junkie I'm a

tech minimalist and I help my clients

organize their data or organize their

tank so today's topic is really about

gdpr this thing this thing our general

data protection regulation now GDP I

hate saying of all the words GDP is

basically a law that came into effect

the last year in May I think May last

year and the premise basically is to

make sure that any data that you have

that belong to a client any corporation

that has data on you to keep it safe

secure and they don't lose it or they

don't get hacked etc so if if somebody

hacked their system and got your data

they can obviously use it in malicious

way so the point of this law was to have

companies secure their clients data now

why am I talking about this well most of

my clients are small businesses and

freelancers who are working for their

clients so I have a ton of your data

you're probably a client you might not

be a client of mine but you know I have

your email address your telephone number

and your actual data so when I'm working

on your Mac and I'm transferring data

from one next to the other I have that

data right so how would you like it if I

had lost that hard drive where somebody

else could pick it up and use it

maliciously against you it's not good

right so why would you think that it was

okay for you not to have a secure system

so for your clients is that make sense

so the point is with GDP I'm going to

basically show you how just one aspect

of it on your Mac I'm a Mac junkie so

I'm going to show you what to do on your

Mac to secure it so in case you lost it

none of your information can be used in

any way so let's go over to the Mac

actually before I do that I'm gonna go

over to the Mac and I'm going to show

you what sparked this the topic for

today so let's go over so this is a post

that social Lawrence she's actually a

client of mine she's a security expert

and she posted this and she posted a

link within it that I'm going to show

you in a moment talking about gdpr and


carried out by the Europeans supervisory

authorities now I commented on it do you

got to read this in like my line of work

I'm still amazed that people still don't

care about gdpr and how it could affect

them trying to educate is the best way

to move forward but as I but as I've

pointed out in another comment people

don't care

basically head-in-the-sand then they cry

foul when they are taken to task so and

then I said I'm gonna do a live show and

that's and this was yesterday so so

basically she posted this link and this

is the link and this is on page four

because I've just found a small company

now this is a big company in the UK

hundred and ten million because they

were breached and 339 million guest

records globally were exposed I mean

that that's that's insane right that if

you stay that one of their hotel

somebody might have your data you don't

want that that's why they have these

hefty fines now okay these guys are

insuring the stuff but it's it's just so

bad but I saw this in Hungary 15,000 I'm

like well that's a bit small compared to

the 110 but it depends on what's going

on that this person or company because

it doesn't actually say if it's a

company or a person I'm guessing it's a

person the data controller which is the

company the person you're basically a

data controller when you have client

data did not fulfill its data breach


when a flash memory with personal data

was lost

what was lost so basically this person

had a USB stick with client information

on it and I don't know lost it on a

train walking down the street just lost

and they got fined 15,000 euros I mean

this could be you right now here's one

below it is actually in Holland officer

I'm based in Holland so they got fined

sorry and it was a hospital and the

reason was this is an interesting

investigated when it appeared a dozen

hospital staff unnecessarily checked the

medical records of a well-known Dutch


I mean firstly for those people to do

that is just insanity the fact that

people have access to yeah hospital

records this is personal information

this is really you know I mean it's


so this isn't scare mongering this is

the law this is the thing people the

like okay oh it doesn't matter I mean I

had one guy on on LinkedIn saying and he

was a security cyber security expert

he's like well the law of averages is

you won't get yeah law of averages that

you won't win the when the lottery but

people do write people do it happens

actually your neighbor won the lottery

to neighbors to neighbors won the

lottery so it's like it can happen I'm

not saying do the lottery by the way I'm

just saying it can't happen so for a

cyber security expert to say well won't

happen is it I mean yeah we won't go

into that so what can you do to secure

your Mac it's actually insanely simple

so go to your to the Apple top left and

then we need let me hide this drink

scream so it goes to the Apple but no

sorry not about this Mac I'm sorry

System Preferences let me close this

screen that's not what it should be

System Preferences okay go to security

and privacy it's running slow because

obviously I'm streaming come on okay so

you have to unlock it and type in your

password computer password so yeah so

it's unlocked so you can make changes

and I've obviously have it on so it says

turn off but yours would say turn on

file fault and please please please

follow the instructions as you're

clicking this just focus on this when

you're doing this because there will

give you a recovery key you need to save

that in a in a you know in a safe place

like a hard copy like print it out write

it down whatever because if you lose

that key you've lost your whole data if

you forgetting a password that is so

make sure you have a really good

password again this is something that

I'm banging on about all the time with

my clients have the different password

for every service app or but you know

computer you have because if if your

password is compromised if someone gets

your password you're using that same

password for everywhere

okay I need to tell you the rest so turn

it on follow the instructions then your

your Mac is basically secure and what I

mean what this does it goes and I would

do this overnight so you can do it now

obviously it's fine because it will just

do it in the background you'll just slow

your computer down a little bit but it

will take a long time so that's why it's

generally tell people to do it overnight

but what it does it encrypts your Mac

encrypts your data on the Mac so you

know people like me who are engineers

and you know

IT guys and whatever you want to call me

I'm a I'm a geek right so I in the olden

days when this wasn't available you

could put a password on your computer

but there were so many ways to getting

around the password right you can put

your computer in a target disc mode

connect it to another computer and

access all the data so having a password

makes no sense right however if you

encrypt it even if you connect it

because the disk is encrypted your data

and your disk is encrypted even doing

that it would just not work it would say

I need your password and there's no way

around that at all so if you lost your

computer or if it got stolen out of your

car or out of your house if you have

client information in there they're

going to be able to get that client

information sorry let me move back to

the camera so they're basically going to

get that get all your information get

all that client information if it's not

encrypted whereas if it gets stolen you

know the touch would I haven't never

been robbed out of my house on my car or

anything on my car no it's been broken

into but nothing robbed my car when I

was in Germany actually so if they get

your computer yes it's annoying but your

data and your clients data is safe now

if it did get stolen and it wasn't

encrypted and they used that data

maliciously and your clients find out

about them found out about it somehow

and it came back to you well then he

goes back to being fined by the EU again

I don't want to scare monger you because

okay the stats are there that it might

not happen but the whole point of having

insurance is to if for those unlikely

events that will happen now this isn't

costing you anything this is just

turning on a button on your computer and

waiting for it to do to its thing

it's not costing you anything you've

just told you how to do it please do it

use different passwords that's a

different issue

make sure your phone

also has a security code on it not zero

zero zero zero I've seen so many with

that I've seen one two three four I've

seen birth dates and stuff just keep

them separate it shouldn't be the same

as your PIN code on your credit card or

your PIN machine or whatever pin card

anyway I hope sorry i've done something

on my computer yeah i hope that's helped

anyway keep it simple turn it on make

sure you're safe if you have any

questions you know where how to contact

me if you go to Mecca on key com do I

have a bun for this you know I do there

you go gonna make

send me a message if you need further

information about this and yeah have a

great day remember keep it simple job

Let's stay in touch

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