As a small business, we sometimes find ourselves stuck. We don’t know why. We’re just in a state of annoyance, and everything around us stops!


I've been hired by many small businesses to help them remove the friction they have with their technology. What I found is that they get frustrated in the running of their business because they've been chasing 'the right tools', but they're neglecting their clients and their work. So their business hasn't been doing so well.

Once we've got to fix their tech issues by removing their tech friction, making their IT invisible, they've realised that they're doing a lot better, they're getting way more clients, and they're actually able to spend more time with their clients.

This got me thinking about business coaching. I'm not a business coach. I've run a business for many years, but it's not something that I pretend to know or teach someone else how to run a business. It's not what I do.

But the knock-on effect of choosing the right technology and 'Making IT Invisible' is highly, highly needed when you are running a business.

If you're wearing a bunch of hats in your business, if one of those hats fails, that has a domino effect. Other things can fail as well.

The foundation of your business, obviously, other than doing the actual work, is having the platform to be able to do that work, having that platform to be able to communicate with your clients, having the right technology so you're not constantly fighting with it.

You should be spending more time with your clients and with their issues rather than your issues. You shouldn't be having issues running your business. You're helping other people with their issues. So having the right tech and IT, making sure it's invisible so you can do your work, is advantageous.

Think about it for a moment. If you are annoyed with something, and you're doing client work, it could have a knock-on effect on that work. So making your technology invisible so you can do the work to the highest standard without those issues should be the focus.

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