Remote work can help your business thrive

In recent times 'Remote Work' has become vital to the smooth running of a business. Not only does it help with staff morale and flexibility, but it's enabled developers to solve problems for small businesses with tools and services that make them deliver better work.


so you've probably heard about remote

work one way one way or another

recently remote work is basically just

as the name implies working remotely so

your technology your computer and

everything is kind of tight knot tied

necessary but connected to the cloud

cleanser to the Internet and you're

working out of the office so you're not

in the office and working remotely so

making sure your files your data your

projects etc are all accessible no

matter where you are as long as

obviously you have internet connection

now obviously I work with a lot of

businesses and there are some businesses

it seem more than some that aren't

actually ready for Dean evitable which

which is basically having a staff member

or somebody saying you know what today I

want to work from home because there's

no reason for me to be here now there

are pros and cons for being in the

office obviously pros are you know kind

of brainstorming certain things but

there are a lot of jobs a lot of

positions that just don't require for

the talents your staff to actually be in

the office and they could probably be a

lot more effective working in their own

environment now I've worked for myself

for longer than I care to Medicare to

remember and I've always been able to

access my files because they're on my

computer when the internet and cloud

services became more became better

basically I moved everything to the

cloud which meant that I didn't have to

carry a bunch of stuff with me so I was

able to work anywhere and everywhere now

I kind of install those kind of systems

to my business clients and professionals

or see who work for themselves and

they're happier for it because as I've

said it in the past if you lose your

computer you just have to log in and

everything is there so having your data

everywhere enables you and your business

to actually work remote

I find a lot I said I find a lot of

business who aren't actually ready for

this and it's kind of strange that

they're not I mean there's lots of areas

that it can actually help you as well if

you have the right tools you can

actually communicate if you have the

right tools you don't have to have so

many meetings if you have the right

tools you don't have to brainstorm when

you're sitting next to each other

although sometimes that's kind of handy

if you have the right tools you know

that all your data is safe and backed up

so the less you know my job is to try to

get people to not concentrate on the

technology but focus on their actual

work because if you vote if you if

you're annoyed with the technology and

you're focusing on the technology why

isn't this working what's going on

you're not focusing on your tasks and

your your work and the deadlines get

delayed and the client gets unhappy and

you're losing money you're wasting

you're paying staff to worry about

technology rather than doing the work

that they need to do which is again a

waste of money so having the right

technology fixes that but also enables

your staff or you yourself if you're

working on your own to be able to work

or remotely work any way you want I mean

nowadays I've got a video and I think

I've made a video about this as well

about having my files on my phone and so

on so if somebody actually needs


I can literally email them from my phone

the file or the document that they need

but I also use Basecamp

which which is how I communicate with

some of my clients so I just send them a

message through a Basecamp and they have

everything so again with remote work

isn't necessarily about working remotely

although that's a major part of it and I

think a lot of companies are starting to

understand how that's helping you know

could help them

but also about having your files and

communication between you and your

clients or you and your staff to be

better by utilizing the tools that are

actually out there anyway that's a video

today it's Thursday so I will see you

tomorrow and as always keep it simple as

simple as possible

doesn't have to be difficult I'll see

you tomorrow ciao away

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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