Productivity isn’t what you're told it is

Have you ever found yourself buying into an app to help you ‘become more productive’ only to find you get even more annoyed than you were initially?

Yeah, tell me about it!

I’ve done this, I’ve seen it and heard it from a ton of clients. The issue isn’t the ‘productivity’ part; it’s the lack of understanding from the seller of said app or tool about your personal workflow and how YOU work.


productivity the word I don't like to

use and I've said this before in a in a

previous video it's kind of like a dirty

word for me and what I mean by that is I

don't think people should be using

productivity apps I think they should be

using apps to help them become

productive now I know semantics but I

mean have you realized I don't really

call myself a Productivity expert

productivity guru productivity

consultant not only because I don't

believe that that's what I am it's it's

like in before I didn't like to be

called an IT consultant because I don't

think I was an IT guy I was a guy that

solved problems and the same with tech

minimalism tech minimalism is there to

help you find the right tools so you can

be productive but it's not a

productivity system it's not a

productivity app or anything and a lot

of people probably disagree with me on

this but I think productivity you know

apps that call themselves productivity

apps don't actually help with


I've tried hundreds if not thousands of

different products whether it's a

calendar or an email app or a task

manager product project management tool

and stuff and what they call being

productive or a product the reason why

they call themselves productivity app or

being product you know this will help

you be more productive it's because

they've put too many things in their

live - they've put tags this filters

that and there's so many bells and

whistles but not actually getting down

to the Nitty Gritty of what you what you

need to do they're selling a product

with all these features that they

probably use or they think you might use

but that they haven't really looked at

your system your way of working your

workflow your email your files I can go

on here

your stuff and they think that these

features are going to help it's not

about the feature it's about it's not

about the features it's about the

benefits of what something or how

something can help you so looking for an

app just because it's a Productivity app

you probably find that it's not going to

help you at all there's an app shall I

name it yeah there's an app called click

up now when you look at it I looked at

it and thought this is fantastic it does

everything I used it and got a headache

because it did everything daylight

actually is another tool it's a

fantastic tour I love the company I just

love what the app does but it just does

too much and unfortunately those kind of

apps don't always do those specific

things the features within them within

the app they don't always do it as good

as individual apps that's why I like the

term hard borders to actually have a

hard borders between your tools because

then those tools can actually do the

thing that they're made to do and they

do it very well

task managers calendars etc etc email

app and so on now Basecamp is coming out

with an email app and I was I'm still a

bit apprehensive I'm kind of a bit

scared about it he tweeted yesterday a

quick screenshot and he noted there is

no inbox that that freaked me out an

email app without an inbox now it's

intrigued me because if I can get rid of

the inbox because effectively if you

look at my inbox and in the course I

actually go through how I do my emails

if I think about it I actually don't

need an inbox however it is causing me

some headaches because it's like so

anyway going off on a tangent

the point is productivity apps are

probably negative in connotation to what

you actually need to do

again they're not looking at your system

then looking at the features that

they're going to sell you they're not

looking at the benefits that will

benefit you as an individual and how you


so being productive the same as

multitasking I'll leave that to another

for another topic another video another

episode but productivity in itself being

productive is different to having

productivity apps to try to help you

become productive to me being productive

is just getting my work done that's

being productive not features in an app

that will help me become productive that

doesn't help in any shape or form anyway

that's my rent today soft rent have a

great day it's sunny outside so I'm

going to go take a walk with my dog wolf

have a great day as always keep it

simple wash your hands we'll get through

this together and I'll see you tomorrow

have a great day ciao bye bye

Let's stay in touch

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