Playing chess with technology

Getting the right workflow takes time and thought, just like playing chess. You need to understand your opponent (the Mac and tech you use) and win by understanding your needs; otherwise, you’ll lose.


Doing what I do. And having done it for such a long time, I've seen so many people, clients and so on. And you know, not just clients, but a lot of people move things around with their technology with their Macs and stuff, I basically call it playing chess with technology, what they're doing is not kind of focusing on the problem that they have, they're basically getting a lot of information from the internet, from their friends, colleagues, and so on. from different areas. As to Oh, this app is great, this service is great, and so on, but nothing's really glued together. The thing is, you're just self taping, you're not glueing it when you glue things together when you work. From your own workflow, personally, you're just basically self taping the issue and not fixing it. And what tends to happen is that it's a snowball effect that gets to such a bad state, that when it comes down to Okay, I'm really fed up and I need to go and find someone to do this. The Trust has, has been lost the trust between you and the computer has been lost. And that trust basically rubs itself off on to the person trying to help you. And it's just the lose/lose situation for everybody. And I think the sooner you get down to fixing the actual issue with your workflow, there are basically three areas. But if you get to the, to the issue at hand, you'll find that your love affair with your computer and your technology, I guess will be a lot better your focus will be much better, and so on. Basically, there are three areas, you got to audit it, you've got to create the right foundation, and then work with someone to make sure everything is working. So there's three areas that I always go back to this. Three is the magic number. And once you've got those things under your belt, you'll be so much happier. And then, like I you know the feedback that I get when I work with my clients is I wish I did this earlier. I have regrets for doing things too late, not with technology with other things. I wish I did this and I wish I did that. But thing is once it's done, once it's glued, once it's organised, once it's fixed, once it's just done, you'll be so much happier with with everything to do with your technology with with getting your work done, making sure you're focused and stuff. Anyway, if you have any questions, you know where to contact me, there'll be contact form up here, put it down, comment, put a comment down below if you if you are struggling with this or if you're not struggling with this, it'd be pretty cool to know. Anyway, have a great day. And I'll see you in the next one. Ciao.

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