The philosophy behind Tech Minimalism and simplicity

I recorded a conversation about a project and after listening back to it, I thought I would use parts of it to show a little about my philosophy about simplifying my life and how I work with my clients.


so basically I'm an Apple IT consultant

and I call myself a tech minimalist I

don't know where to start there's so

much of it I've been in business for

like 12 years in Amsterdam the whole

point of me is simplifying everything

simplifying my life and I noticed it's

spilling over to Mac junkie I didn't

want it to turn into a company I wanted

it to be me I had a company in the UK

himself and it was just a headache so so

like when I come here when how simply

can I do it so basically I said I'm not

never gonna scale I don't want to want

to be on my own and it's worked insanely

well ive got over 6,000 clients in that

time so I'm really happy with it

Mac junkie started off with helping

everybody with Apple Macs and stuff and

then it turned out of its own turned

into just repairing apples and that

annoyed me personally because it's like

well I could do all this other [ __ ] so

what you know it's annoying

and so for the past three years well for

the past six years I've known I've had

to change so the past three years I've

been trying to figure out how to change

and the past year I've realized what I

need to do changing what you're known

for especially with the name like Mikey

junkie is insanely difficult insanely

difficult however I've seem to have

managed it I mean you know I was

charging by the hour

I stopped charging by the hour because

it's too complicated you already get a

friction at the beginning so how do I

simplify not having that friction so I

stopped charging by the hour and I start

charging by the project ie

what's it worth to you again simplifying

stuff so so you know if I work on a

project I say I'm gonna work with you

for a month or two months you get this

price I don't care how many hours I work

I used to work in now in the music

business so I used to see these

producers with these big houses and the

money didn't influence me what I wanted

was how they were bringing up their

children how simple it was there

working at home at the bottom of the

garden and they were bringing up their

kids and I said I want that not the

money I wanted the lifestyle it's not

about buying Ferraris I you know if I

were if I make enough money for the day

the week of the month I stop working I

don't want to work I want to spend the

time with my dog and playing xbox Mack

junkies basically morphing into my

personal lifestyle in the sense of do

less and get a lot out of it so

simplifying everything and I basically

help people to try to do the same for

instance I had their company 35 users

and they were using box comm they were

being charged I think it was like seven

or eight thousand euros a year forever

and they called me up and said listen

we're paying too much can you help us I

said yes

so when they had a conversation they're

using G Suites I'm like well why you

using box and not G sweet Jesus you're

already paying for it so basically I

saved them almost ten thousand a year

solving problems solving you know

business problems on a technical

standpoint that's basically it so you

know another client will call me and say

you know I've got an old Mac server and

we're using this app but it's not

working so I move them over to the

clouds or all their employees can

basically work anywhere

so again simplifying workflow

simplifying their technology the

technology that they use and helping

them implement you know workflows so

there isn't this kind of what shall I do

next I talk to clients they have 2530

tasks and they get headaches about I

can't get anything done and I'm like you

oh yeah that's why look at your task

list I have no more than twenty five and

seven tasks a day I don't want it I

don't want more and the whole point of

it is to basically simplify your life

and live your life there shouldn't be a

life work relationship there should just

be a life relationship I have you know

basically I have one calendar I don't

have work and personal and this and no

no there's no need I don't have folders

in my email so all point is to simplify

everything people I find complicate

things way too much way too much so

working with my clients this is what I'm

pushing towards them and these are the

clients that I've recently found I mean

you just look at my reviews right now

you know people saying it's better now

with them and I know what I'm doing now

and that's just like it's kind of like a

you know I kind of have this impostor

syndrome thing I've done I'm 50 years


right I've done this for 25 plus years

I'm still wondering like am I doing this


you know everyone needs to work everyone

needs to pay for stuff but how much

money do you actually need you know

another I've had money I've lost money

I've had money I've lost money and you

know I have been there and the older you

get you realize you know what money

don't you know I've got the car I've got

the buyer got the hell I don't need the

money I just want my own time to do

whatever the hell I want

we're all gonna end up in the same box

basically at the same time but so you

might as well enjoy it the video series

that I'm working on is talking about

this and doing a road trip to Portugal

for like four weeks four to six weeks

I'm gonna get my dog and we're just

going to make videos on the road and

work on the road again it's you know

it's called road to simplicity so

basically just you don't have to work

your ass off just to pay for stuff you

work on stuff that you enjoy I mean

again you know for years I've always

said people give me things to play with

and then they give me money and that's

how I see my job it's not it's not work

so as long as you enjoy your job and

everything for the past year I've moved

my whole life online

so although I've run a Mac and I'm a Mac

junkie I only run my business and my

life on one app I don't have hundreds of

apps open I have one app open on my

computer that's Google Chrome everything

is online email us contacts calendar

to-do list this conversation so again

it's all about simplifying every aspect

of your life so you not fighting with

your tools so your tools are supposed to

be helping you they're not you know

they're not there to annoy you or hinder

what you want to do so if you have the

tools and the workflow and your systems

in place and that's why I want to make

these videos so when this came about is

like well dude this will help me but it

also helped them as well because it's

showing people there is another another

site to life and simplifying everything

and one of the tools that I'm using is


Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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