Perfectionism is not your friend

I’ve been a perfectionist for as long as I remember and it’s not been a great asset to have. On the one hand, it’s good to perfect something you’re working on, but on the other, it can take weeks or even months to create something you’re dying to get out there. But if you wait too long, the ship will sail, and you could lose out.


you wouldn't believe what a

perfectionist I am and then that's not

me kind of being a big head the problem

of perfectionism is that it doesn't help

you it's not your friend if you try to

perfect everything you do you'll never

get it done

you'll never ship it now there was a

video that came up on my youtube feed

that talked about this and it kind of

got me thinking with some of the clients

that I'm working with but more

specifically two people I know and I

know they'll be watching this video and

they're both perfectionists just like me

and I've been trying to explain to them

and it has nothing to do with working

with me or projects with me but it they

were asking me that they wanted to

create videos and and I just basically

said just start it

don't wait I waited four years before I

started making these videos now if you

go back and look at the videos that I've

created I wish I could delete them but

I'm not going to because that was me

then it's not me now as you've noticed

my videos have completely have

completely changed and I found my voice

and I found my footing in this whole

space and this is what I want to create

but it takes time to do that if you wait

if I had waited to perfect what I think

is perfect right now I wouldn't have

made the videos that I did and I

wouldn't have learnt the things that

I've learnt making these videos so I say

to these two people who shall remain

nameless just start doing it don't

bother waiting because it's kind of

pointless perfectionism is an enemy it's

not actually your friend now going to my

work and what I do with my clients I

find it strange there and I did make a

video about this a while ago about

people it was called square wheels I

think I called the video people I've

been given

an idea at a framework and a workflow to

help them organize their work their

files their emails their tasks their

projects and so on but they're waiting

and I don't think they're waiting

because of anything else anything like

time or money or anything I think

they're just waiting for what they

perceive would be the perfect time to

start this to start organizing and I and

I think it's wrong I think they're they

also are being perfectionist you are

being a perfectionist if you know that

there is an issue know that you want to

do something but then wait that's not

leaving it till later that's just being

a perfectionist now again I've been a

perfectionist all my life and I know I

know that I've lost projects and lost

things along the way because of my

perfectionism but the fact that I just

would especially with these videos I

just let go and got on with it has made

me understand that you can still be a

perfectionist you still have to do good

work but it doesn't mean that you have

to do so much research and and perfect

everything before you ship that writing

that project that that thing that you

want to do so don't wait if you have an

idea in your mind and you really really

want to do it don't wait just get on

with it because time isn't I'm gonna

wait for you anyway that's the video

today hope you're having a great day I

will see you tomorrow which was which it

will be Thursday you know my computer

have a great day as always keep it

simple and stop being a perfectionist

I'll see you tomorrow ciao

Hi, I'm Kia

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