Organising your iPhone with Tech Minimalism

The idea of Tech Minimalism is to rid yourself of the technology that’s in the way of what you need to do.

So in today’s episode, I show you how I use Tech Minimalism to organise my iPhone and how I can get to the items I need in a fraction of the time.

If you’re a Podcast listener, then I would strongly suggest you watch the video with the link below, as you will probably gain more insight when you’re watching the demonstration rather than listening to it.


so hello and welcome to today's episode

over the weekend I was recording a ton

of videos for my email course my tech

melanism an email course and if you

haven't subscribed to actually go to its

tech melanism com4 slash course it's

free it's a five-day email course where

you learn about tech melanism

and I show you how I use my tools in

regards to take minimalism and today

what I want to do is actually add on to

that via this video so if you're

listening to this on the podcast you're

Pro it's probably best if you go and

watch the video and they'll be linked in

the show notes

now back to today's video what I want to

do is show you my phone and how tech

minimalism is actually helping me

organize my phone so I'm not getting

annoyed and frustrated when I pick up my

phone so as you can see this is

basically my the when I pick up my phone

this is the front page of the home page

as it were it's caught they call it at

the home page obviously it's funny

because I call it desktop mode

especially your home page but as you can

see I have nothing on my desktop I'll

use that word what I want the thing is

with tech melanism is that again the

whole point is not to be constricted not

to be distracted not to be annoyed when

you pick up the phone and I'm going to

get to notifications and actually

notifications is actually going to be a

video for tomorrow how I set up my

notifications but the point is when you

pick up your phone you don't want to be

distracted with what's on screen so on

my screen there's literally nothing

there other than the three apps at the

bottom and the three apps being a

calendar my base camp which is my

project management tool and my task

manager and that's basically how I run

my business these are the apps that I

used to run my business

and nothing else so I want to know what

happens when I want to be told what I

need to do that day which is my task

manager and Basecamp is what

you know Mike I use it for my coaching

clients so for my coaching clients have

any questions that they need to ask me I

want to know when they are asking me a

question because I need to get back to

them in a timely manner so that's my

homepage and that's it my next page as

you can see is just the it's literally

just this page and there are only a few

folders as you can see and I'm gonna go

through them one by one top left and

show you basically what's in there I'm

not going to go through every single app

I'm just going to go through every

single folder and very briefly tell you

what's going on there pretty much

self-explanatory so travel is literally

maps and translation apps and my weather

app in there music obviously

self-explanatory I'm not going to talk

too much about that same with photos you

know in manipulate photos and post them

on social media and stuff videos where I

consume videos where I make videos and

apps to do with certain cameras I have

need apps like the GoPro and things like

that tools now tools is basically my

junk drawer on my phone now everything

in here I do actually

use but it's not something I use all the

time but I do need access to them so

this is effectively my junk drawer for


hence wife just called it tools Network

I have a network in my home office and

these are the tools to help me diagnose

them and help me and my clients actually

with their networks and so on health

again self-explanatory shopping

everywhere soaring oops shopping

everyone needs a shopping folder so I

have a shopping folder this is where it

is Apple now Apple is another another

one with a ton of items in it and it's

literally just everything to do with

Apple now the first two pages this one

and this one other ones they actually

pretty much use all the time whereas the

others of apps that I don't use but I

never delete any apps that

come with the phone because I think

generally you might use in one day and I

may as well just leave them in there so

that's basically the Apple folder now

business is quite important for me

because I run my business remotely and

everything I need for my business the

business auxilary apps I call them are

here so calendly zoom Y and so on

they're all here and again it's the

there's only six apps you don't need a

ton of tools it's the whole point of

tech mannerism you don't need a ton of

tools to run your business or your life

you just need the ones that are specific

they are focused on the one thing that

need that you need to do basically

finance again self-explanatory

everything to do with money is is here

and money bird is actually my invoicing

app so even though it's in finance and

not sorry even though it's in finance

and not in my business it's but for me

it's to do with finance because people

pay me in that way and so so that's that

social now social media is a big thing

for everybody especially when they have

phones I don't generally use social and

use social media I have a Twitter

account and a LinkedIn account and

that's pretty much it and I use them

primarily for my business and not much


slack I have to use because there are

certain groups that I'm involved with

and the notifications are a killer but

again I'm going to talk about

notifications in tomorrow's episode so

stay tuned for that and again it's again

to do with gaming I put that under my

social apps and underneath that we have

messages mail Safari and phone they're

all self-explanatory so that is actually

my phone and to be honest it's all you

need I seen people with so many apps on

their phone with no folders and they're

literally littered all over a bunch of

pages on their phone and they're swiping

through trying to find the app that to

do so I mean sometimes I set up phones

off see for my clients so I'm saying

where's your Settings app now also you

can pull down on search which is

obviously what I do but I just wanted to

show them well where's your Settings app

and you're scrolling till for about 15

pages just to get to that Settings app

which is insanity to be honest because I

know that they don't do the search

feature because when I show them that

they're like oh you can do that that

quickly so it maces me that people don't

understand how simplifying your

technology can actually help you to do

more it's the whole point of tank

minimalism so you can get rid of the

distractions you get rid of the

notifications get rid of all this

friction that you have between you and

your device so you can focus like when

you pick up the phone you can focus on

what you need to do and not with gonna

find this Settings app or anything like

that anyway again this is a

supplementary video for my course it

doesn't have to be don't have to take a

course but it's free why not so go to

tech minimalism com4 slash course sign

up for it it's free as I said hopefully

this benefited you as well if you have

any comments please put them down below

in the comment section or send me an

email by my contact form have a great

day I'll see you tomorrow as always keep

it simple wash your hands we'll fix this

all together I'll see you tomorrow for

the notifications episode chaps bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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