New tools & the new Dojo

Stop looking for new tools that you think will ‘automagically’ help you do more this year. It’s not out there! But there is a way to do it. Just try to make your system/workflow better then look for the right tool to help you accomplish your goals.


so happening yeah thanks for coming to

watch this video today's video is

actually about new tools what I mean

about new tools so it's the new year

everyone's making resolutions whether

it's personally or professionally we

want to make our life easier we want to

go to the gym we want to eat better we

want to do a better routine and

professionally for your work we want to

try to make more money and find more

time and so on and find new tools I hear

about this all the time I need a new

tool to help me do this here's the thing

sorry this is this is a bit of a downer

there is no such tool no tool is going

to be able to help you do the things you

think it's gonna do the tool doesn't

matter and is the kicker the system

matters make sure your system works and

then find a tool that's going to be able

to help you progress over the year over

the coming year so my system hasn't

changed my tools change all the time

which is kind of wrong I talk about this

all the time don't keep changing your

thoughts if it doesn't work for you

change it but don't keep thinking oh

that's got a new a new feature that I

want oh that's got a fantastic feature

don't keep chopping and changing it's

just not gonna work your system should

definitely never change you can revise

your system and kind of add things to it

but to completely change your systems

not a good thing so new tools are great

if you need to make sure your system

works better new tools are crap

basically if you don't have a system in

place because you're not going to be I

hate the word product productive you're

not going to be too productive if you've

got no system and a crap tool you're

saying going to work you're not going to

be productive if you have no system and

a fantastic tool you won't know how to

use it you're not going to be productive

if you

got a fantastic system but a crappy tool

so they they you you have to marry the

two with that I do have a new tool well

not a new tool I touched on this

yesterday I have a new dojo this coming

year I will be focusing on doing my

raising awareness of c4 tech minimalism

but doing more coaching obviously

helping people with their max which is

what I've been doing for many many years

but I'm also going to be educating and

I'm working on a course so if you want

to be notified when I do this course

join the dojo the dojo is the thing so

it's the Mac junkie dojo if you go to

make for slash dojo or just

go to make and there's a dojo

button and it takes you to another space

mic junkie space where I will be there's

actually a course there now with my Mac

tip so I've put my Mac tips as a course

there so go and sign up to that the dojo

itself is kind of I want to build a

community of people who are interested

in tech melanism and helping people you

know organize their Mac in their

workflows and stuff so what I plan to do

this coming year is to do a video every

single day

definitely so it's 365 videos coming

your way

oh good like this but I'm also going to

be doing how-to videos like ace doing

the past but only for members of the

dojo there will be free there's no

payment but only for members of the dojo

for server for that for those type of

how to type video so join the dojo make for slash dojo hopefully I'll

see you there tomorrow I will be sending

an email out a blast email to my

of subscribers how many do I have now I

have just under 2,000 which is pretty

good and to tell them about the dojo so

if you MIT if you don't go there you

might get a an email if you're

subscribed so Mac for slash

subscribe is that right yeah subscribe

anyway just go to make junkie comm and

you'll get all the information there

hopefully that's kind of been helpful

it's kind of been a half and a half

video at the beginning of video I kind

of talked about new tools and towards

the end of the video I talked about my

dojo why am I even saying that I think

you get it anyway have a fantastic day

welcome to 2020 and hoping to help you

out in the coming year talk to you later

see you tomorrow and remember keep it


Hi, I'm Kia

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