My thoughts on online courses & ‘help’ articles

Online courses and ‘help’ articles are all over the internet. However, they don’t always help (at least 99% of them) are virtual ’stings’ to sell you something else.

If you want to sell you a product, sell it, don’t hide behind the ‘help’ article or post saying you want to help people when all you’re doing is just selling your product.


so as you know I've been building some

courses and I'm still working on them

but however I think I'm gonna stop them

because I don't think courses in general

work and I'll explain what I mean in a

moment last week I did a bunch of remote

sessions whether that was support help

training instructional whatever

instruction and training and pretty much

the same thing and it got me thinking

about why I was building these courses

and the reasons why I was building these

courses and I did some research and I

actually didn't like the numbers first

hand but ii had the second thing was a

lot of courses have to be rebuilt

because time is not good for course this

course is a static they're stuck in in

in one time basically so if you do a

course on a specific thing it's stuck in

that time and you can't update him there

are people obviously that do update him

and obviously I was going to update them

but that equals more work now that

sounds weird for me but it doesn't sound

weird in the sense of simplicity the

whole point of what I do and what I want

to provide is to simplify everything and

creating a course I found was not

simplifying what I do know it doesn't

adhere to how I embody what I do make

jung ki-taek mentalism and stuff like

that so because of the remote support

and the training I was doing last week

there was a bunch of people acting it

was a bunch of people it was about four

or five people which I was doing remote

work for was actually training the

reason they contacted me is that they

had a specific app and they said Kay I'm

using this app for the past few weeks it

just doesn't work I've been watching

YouTube videos I even paid for a course

and I'm not getting anywhere do you know

this app I'm like what happens it

yes I know it I use it everyday of

course I can help you so we did a

session took about an hour and they were

happy they basically stopped using all

the other information that they had

because they got that they got their

answers they got their questions

answered straight to the point it's like

there aren't there questions were

answered not the fact that the course

was just talking over and over again

about every single feature they don't

really needed they didn't really need

that and a lot of people generally don't

need that I need to do something and I

need to find the quickest way to do

something who can help me

that's basically the guy that I want to

be who can help me

me that's who what I want to be known

for basically the firefighter that comes

in she might one of my old bosses told

me that I was a firefighter once he said

your job is a firefighter you go in fix

it leave great that's what I want to do

for the rest of my life it was great so

I'm still gonna be thinking about

building these courses I'm not sure

about it but again it's more to do with

simplicity so how does this equate to

you well the point is if you want to

learn something figure out the best way

of learning it the course might work for

you doing it in your own time and a

podcast listening audio book physical

books online learning I mean right now

obviously online learning is a huge

thing it has been for a while but

specifically now there's a bunch of

things going on online on LinkedIn and

social media in general however be aware

I'm going to leave you with this there's

a bunch of posts going on especially on

LinkedIn where they say three tips to

this and seven tips to that and 15 tips

to the other notice they're odd numbers

and there's a psychology to that and

they said we're here to help you with

the with these tips so you click through

you what listen to these tip watch these

videos read this PDF whatever it is and

I'll talk about the videos I watched

this one video that was 54 minutes long


they watch the 54 minutes because I want

to know what's going on literally about

buzzwords and not actually saying

anything tangible sorry my dog hey wolf

they're not saying anything tangible

they're just literally throwing

buzzwords around and this is from an

article that said 15 tips to help you

and I didn't see 15 tips and in in the

last 10 minutes in the next 10 minutes

they were actually talking about their

product and how it can help them and it

doesn't cost that much five minutes was

them or selling their product some like

what I thought because you're talking

about this pandemic you wanted to help

someone what you're doing is just

selling now there's nothing wrong with

selling but don't hide behind trying to

help someone if you want to sell sell be

honest about it don't just try to see

tell people you're helping them talk

crap for 50 minutes and then sell them

in the last four minutes or five minutes

it's ridiculous and that got me thinking

about webinars and online courses and

stuff because I don't want to be lumped

in with them people I just don't

I have ethics and I don't want to be

associated with that kind of stuff so

that was one of the reasons that kind of

got me thinking about it the other thing

was the simplicity of it of how I can

help people simply and also more

tailored for the group the company or

the person and that's basically what my

thoughts are on that right now anyway

have a great day hope you had a great

weekend hope you're staying safe

obviously throughout all this make sure

you wash your hands to meet the distance

from everybody we'll get through this

have a great day and I'll see you

tomorrow ciao bye-bye

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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