Computers are great, but in a car, they’re the worst! And I’ve gotten to a stage in my life where if I can’t fix a car with a hammer, I don’t want it!


If something doesn't work and you can't fix it by hitting it with a hammer, I'd suggest getting rid of it.

That's what I want to do with the car I have, my small Mercedes. It's great, comfortable, it doesn't squeak, and I really like it. But it's so computerised, I hate it!! And this is from a guy that deals in computers!

I hate it because whenever something goes wrong, I can't hit it with a hammer to fix it. Whereas with my old truck, you can!

This weekend I travelled all the way to the other side of the country to pick up a new car and parts to rebuild my Blazer. That way, I can use it as my main vehicle to go travelling once that's ready.

I'll be going to Spain and Portugal, possibly Greece, and so on, so I'll be going further afield, but with the Blazer, I can pretty much hit it with a hammer, and It will work. It's like a Lego!

While I was driving, I started thinking about people worrying about the shiny object syndrome. Getting lots of 'tech' to play with just to get the basics done.

It's like with a car, it takes you from A to B effectively, but nowadays they're so computerised so when you need to get it fixed, and at times you can't, it costs so much money!!

I was in Portugal, and it cost €1500 to replace the starter motor. It's crazy because they have to pull the engine out, reset the computers and do a bunch of other stuff.

Whereas in my truck, You can literally crawl under it, hit it with a hammer [kind of], basically unbolt the old part, put a new one, and that's done.

The simplicity of old tech and the old style of building things is being lost because everyone wants to make an app that does something 'special', but they don't think about the Logistics of when something goes wrong.

That was my weekend. I borrowed a van and a trailer and went down to get another Blazer, extra parts, wheels and lots of goodies, so now I can start rebuilding my truck.

Hopefully, you guys will be here for the journey!

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