Man flu & business

Good, it's Friday. I need to recover and shake off my 'man flu' over the weekend. Being sick while running a business is tough, but sometimes we just have to buckle up and get on with it, right?


yeah man flu excuse me it's annoying

when you're when you work for yourself

yeah you basically just have to buckle

up and get on with it so I'm okay I'm

drinking tea I don't have any soup I

don't like soup you know I promise to

make it a video every day and today

being sick shouldn't be any exception

now the thing is obviously I'm running a

business so anyone who's running a

business know that you kind of need to

run I mean you have you know savings and

things like that to help out but you

have clients that you need to and then

relying on you to get you or get the

work done so today is a workday I've

canceled no I actually I haven't

cancelled no I haven't cancelled any

thought I cancelled one

no I didn't I postponed one because

someone was gonna come in today

so I postponed them for tomorrow if

she's a neighbor anyway so man flu in

business it's annoying it's just man flu

not business I mean just having flu is

just so annoying it started off

yesterday I had a bit of birthing going

on my throat but anyway so actually I

don't want to talk about anything I've

got a headache

okay go and sit down play around with

wolf and I don't want anyone to feel

sorry for me so what's this video about

I guess it's about making sure that

you're ready for anything

any eventuality whether its life this or

your business so you've got to make sure

that your business is running smoothly

where you

and contacts your clients and cancel or

postpone where you can make sure you can

you know kind of jiggle things around

and get you know get the things done and

keep your clients happy now you know

clients are are amazing they understand

Oh actually talk about amazing one of my

clients sent me a book to say thank you

this is an amazing book thank you and

yeah they're amazing so they'd be human

to your clients and they respect you for

it and they're human back you know

people like to deal with people people

don't like to deal with businesses so

yeah be yourself

keep it simple again sorry about the

kind of weird topic of a video today but

actually I've got a headache so I'm

gonna go and take a pill have a great

weekend and keep it simple see you next


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