macOS Catalina

In this week’s live stream, I'll be going through the new macOS Catalina (10.15) update and how it could impact you and the apps (and Mac!) you use. Should you upgrade, wait, or do a 'clean install' we'll go through it all!


hello welcome sorry I'm a little late I

thought I was going live and that's the

whole point of life there was some

technical stuff with YouTube but I'm

here now I will be looking around now

and again again I apologize that I'm a

bit late so what are we talking today

are we talking about today today is

basically I want to talk about Mac OS

Catalina and why we should wait to

upgrade I don't use beta software so I

have an installed Catalina on my

computer and there's various reasons why

I don't use beta software but the whole

point of today is trying to figure out

whether you should upgrade now or wait a

short while the thing is Apple come out

with offering systems every year and

every time they come out with an

operating system what tends to happen is

that I get a lot of work which is great

there you get me wrong but the your

machine basically can not handle the

sometimes cannot handle the upgrade now

there's several reasons one because your

machine is too old but the main reason

is and this is what I explain to my

clients when they come in and say my

computer is running slow more often than

not it's because of an update or an

upgrade not an update sorry an upgrade

and upgrade is the main yearly updates

that Apple do upgrades to Apple do the

updates are the the the updates that

come in throughout the year those little

updates are fine generally and touchwood

haven't had a major issue with those

things but the upgrades the major issues

like going from a leopard to snow and

whatever you know they're the ones that

you have to keep an eye out for because

how I usually explain to clients who

come in with their slow computers is

that if you have a car and you take it

a garage every year they generally

change the oil

they don't just add oil if you've got a

good good garage they should change the

oil the filter and stuff right with

operating systems and computers it's

basically the same thing the oil as it

was the operating system so if you're

just updating it you're just adding to

the issue that you probably already had

but hasn't manifested and as soon as you

upgrade so you're update the operating

system rather than doing a clean install

upgrade you're just adding fuel to the

fire you're adding old oil so then the

computer the car the computer basically

runs slower and that's basically the


so the best thing usually is to do a

clean install I do a clean install

pretty much every year and there's a few

clients of mine that come to me every

year and I do a clean install for them

because their computer is yeah their

livelihood I mean it's basically you

know our computers we need them to work

all the time you wouldn't believe the

amount of people I have here that you

know their computers I if something

happens it breaks whatever but they are

using their computers in

mission-critical circumstances ie their

work they need to work you they can't be

you can't we can't be without our

machines for more than the day or a few

hours even so more often than not I'm

doing stuff really quickly

to get it back to the client as soon as

possible it's an always possible

depending on the issue but so we need

our computers all the time so having a

computer that isn't working isn't isn't

good for us isn't good for anybody so

going back to Catalina the point with

Catalina is it's a great great and we're

going to go through it actually a lot

it's a great piece of software

we're going to go through some of the

the features on it some of them I

actually don't know and we're going to

go through it actually the first we're

going to go through the computers that

can be upgraded because again every year

when Apple comes out with a new computer

there are those are a new operating

system there are older computers that

the software just simply won't work on

and the other main criteria for this

update are two things one is the change

of the architecture of the system well

it's actually one thing now two things

the main architecture which is basically

going away from 32-bit architecture to

only 64-bit and this is a big issue

mainly for music studios my background

is music studios and stuff and they use

a lot of plugins and specialist software

and a lot of those pieces of software

don't always upgrade quickly they take

their time so you might not have to you

might not it's best that you need to

upgrade however the the other piece is

the security part of the security

they're kind of really honing down on

the security on the operating system now

it's a good thing and a bad thing it's a

great thing for security but it's an

insanely annoying thing for developers

to create software I don't know where

it's got to go down the road we're just

touching on that we're not going to go

into that too much so what I'm gonna do

is go over to my Mac let me go up the up

there you go I'm gonna go over to my Mac

and there is a hopefully you can see

this because I can't see the screen now

so this is a list of what you can what

you need what computer you need to run


so I'm not going to read out every

single one but the main ones are the

bankbook I booked a MacBook Pro actually

all of a Macbook many and so on so it's

the year that's important here so you

gotta be careful when you're upgrading

you need to know I mean obviously it

won't it won't up date anyway a lot

upgrade anyway but you have to have to

it looks like 2012 and later to do this

so we have a question Laura hey Laura so

well this is the thing let me change

this thing you can actually see it I'm

sorry about this sorry just give me a

second so I can get this and you guys

can see it save alright this is a

question from Laura

it's my Mac too old for Catania well

this is basically what we're talking

about it depends on the year of your

MacBook and I I think you have a MacBook

Pro 15 inch from what I remember Laura

and I think is it a 2011 or 2012 I'm not

too sure so you've got to check it the

best way to check it is if you go to the

Apple in the top left if you basically

go to the Apple in the top left is it

top left this side of your thing and go

down to about this Mac and it should

tell you what computer you have what

what year it is and that will be able to

give you some information

oh that's okay 2010 then unfortunately

that's not going to work so you probably

it's probably best that you now upgrade

I mean 2010 machine it's a great machine

with the CD drive and I think you have

the 50 note so you have a really nice

screen and stuff but yeah you may well

have to upgrade now

upgrade your machine because I mean I

generally tell people to upgrade their

machines every five years five to six

year four five six years five years is

kind of the average so if you have an

older machine it's probably best to

upgrade it yes I yes exactly we did I

did renew it that was a few years ago so

yeah going back to what I said it's best

probably you buy a new machine if

nothing is going on with your computer

and everything is working fine then also

you don't need to upgrade to Catalina if

you don't want the new features and B

there's no reason for you to upgrade if

everything is working fine but if it

isn't and you feel like okay well maybe

I should get a new machine time to get a

new machine anyway moving on so these

are the machines that you can run

Catalina on so let's go back to the top

of the page and it's a massive page so

I'm gonna go through it very quickly it

talks about the power of your machine of

the experience of Catalina so this is

the other thing so iTunes is going away

there's no more iTunes what they have I

think they'd have Apple TV now they have

Apple music you can see it's the iTunes

logo but I think it's the new Mac sorry

the Mac App yeah Apple music for Mac

there you go

Apple TV you have now Apple TV on your

computer which is actually really really

nice because Apple TV is pretty pretty

cool to have if you're in that ecosystem

you have a separate podcasts app which

is actually quite nice because podcasts

are being used by a lot of people and

companies now

yeah this is the other big feature you

can use iPad apps on your Mac now I

don't think there are a lot of

developers who have created this right

now there are obviously some like

Twitter and and so on

there's a list here so I'll put this and

actually I'll put this link in the chat

here so you guys can go and check it out

and I'll put that here so so that that's

actually a really nice feature

I don't know how reach a Fitch reach a

feature rich a kind of a mimic talk

right now it's gonna be but there you go

and all the apps are being updated like

the photo apps and everything your

library will go over if you update your

library and everything will go over so

I'll touch what you shouldn't have any

issues there are sometimes I find people

call me and say they they are having

issues but generally if you update all

the databases your photos your contacts

or your emails should basically move

over so there's a new Photos app the

Notes app actually has a big up update

as well I don't

I used to use notes I do use it now and

again but because I use G suis I hear

she news Google keep

but the Google Notes app looks really

really cool and I might revisit that

actually that's pretty cool again the

reminders app is getting lots of new

features and so on so that's really


obviously Safari is going to be updated

to be a bit faster and so on apple

arcade if you're into gaming on your

computer I'm not I actually have an Xbox

that I game with so that's pretty cool

this is another great feature so if you

have an iPad you can connect it via the

normal cable and actually use it as a

secondary screen for your laptop so if

you only have a 30

nice laptop and you think oh I wish I

bought a 15-inch well if you have an

iPad and iPad that works with they call

it sidecar with sidecar you can actually

attach it as a second screen secondary

screen to use with your Mac which is

really cool for remote workers if you

carry a laptop and an iPad you know some

people obviously don't another big big

feature so again with the iPad you can

use the Apple pencil with certain

programs affinity photo is is a program

if you're a designer have a look at a

lot of people who aren't actually

designers but they use Photoshop like I

don't want to spend money on Photoshop I

basically move them over to affinity

photo but that has the ability to use

your iPad and you can draw pretty much

on your screen but on the iPad so

actually works really really nicely I've

seen that happen

someone's use that again talking about

using the Apple pencil with with the

apps screen time okay like on the iPhone

you have a feature called screen time

where it shows you what apps you're

using it's kind of like a Productivity

thing so you're not picking up your

phone all the time well that's basically

move over to the Mac as well which is

really interesting

so you can see how much time you're

spending on work or social media and

stuff that you shouldn't be doing

communication limits choose yeah so who

you can communicate with so if you have

children in the house and they're on the

same iCloud account you can actually set

limits with them this is obviously

talking about more more of that as well

increased security here it is so the

security is enhanced and again I'm not

going to delve too deeply

into that I'm going to look into it once

I've upgraded mine which I'm going to do

this weekend for myself and I'll

probably do another live stream going

through that yeah security is going to

be an issue for developers and probably

for people like me who help others with

their computers what we can and can't do

with your Mac in fact because it is

after all your Mac and it's supposed to

be secure and the first thing I say is

make sure you put FileVault on and

secure your machine especially for gdpr

find my Mac has been updated which is

actually a much nicer interface which is

actually pretty cool if you have an

Apple watch you can approve looking into

your machine with your I think you could

also already do that I'm not sure if you

could do that because I don't have an

Apple watch I prefer and log watches I'm

a digital guy but tech minimalism I

don't need the now for watch okay access

to all your devices include features to

help everyone to get most amount force

control okay so this is for

accessibility for people who need it let

me just have a look before you go

through that all right now now I think

this is a this is probably topic for

another video but basically its enhance

the accessibility of the Mac OS which is

always good voice control which is I

don't use voice control this I have a

couple of clients who are unfortunate

bedridden ones are DJs this is an

amazing guy and he uses voice control

quite a lot so having an enhancement

I'll probably be speaking with him about

how good this will be for him actually

zooming display and hovering text again

this is for accessibility which is

really cool and that's basically it for

now I've gone through it very quickly

because I didn't want this to go into a


video massive livestream and again

whipped back to here let's see if we

have any other questions let me take

this off here so again this is Catalina

it you know if you've got a newer Mac I

would say probably from to that I mean

although this says 2012 it will work in

that there will be no issues but I think

you know 2014 machines probably 15

machines are probably the best machines

to get the full use out of Catalina I've

always found like a year or two older

machines for the metal pros and the

heirs by the way the MacBooks

the old Mac books obviously that they

stopped making netbooks a long time ago

and they started making mac books again

which they're not selling anymore I

don't like the way that Apple have done

these things I just wish it was just

MacBook and a MacBook Pro and I'm an

iMac and a Mac Pro why I don't

understand this but anyway topic for

another video so I hope that's been

handy for you this just was a quick

run-through of what Catalina could do

again the point of moving over your

operating system so really this the

point of moving over your freeing

systems to get new features the problem

is that not all Macs will allow you to

upgrade and if you've got a slightly

older machine in 2012 so on you might be

running an old operating system and what

I would say is do a cleaning store if

you need help with them frequently but

cleaning store basically means copying

your data backing everything up wiping

the hard drive

installing the brand-new operating

system and then copying the data back

now it's a it's a long laborious process

but it's the best way to do it because

if you just update you're going to go

crazy but what I would say and this is

weird for me to say

is update anyway because it may not

happen I mean you know nine times out of

ten it just won't happen it will be fine

or eight times out of ten but if you do

upgrade and you find that computers

running really really slow and you have

a 2012 upwards or 2013 upwards then you

might have to do a clean install anyway

that's basically it for today my name is

Kay if you need any help

by all means booking introductory call

give me a call and let's go through it

you can also oh I don't have that well

just booked a call are you just go to my

website and contact me through there and

hopefully we can help do we have any

other questions while we're here

before we finish off today Laura did

that help you actually sorry you have a

Apple does this but if not Apple doing

this it's more to do with what the

hardware is capable of so they make

software that needs better hardware and

obviously if you have older hardware at

meanne 2010 that's you know nine years

old that's quite nowadays it's very old

for for you know a machine however it

works I mean my machine is 2013 so mine

is just in you know so I need to upgrade

I know I need to upgrade but I it's

working fine and I don't need to upgrade

my hardware because everything is fine

that's why I don't do it but next year I

probably have to upgrade because it's

coming yet so anyway that's the video so

the topic was Mac OS Catalina should I

upgrade or wait a little if you have any

questions about that by all means

contact me

and this is my website hopefully that

was helpful and I'll see you next week

see you later ciao


Hi, I'm Kia

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