Your gut feelings are there for a reason, and sometimes you have to listen to them when it's telling you something isn't quite right.


Yesterday's episode I was talking about, not listening to everybody when you're trying to workout, your own workflow. Your own flow. Your own system.

The thing is when you watch stuff on the internet, for instance, if I go on the internet, I've got a pain in my hand, you'll come back with, I dunno, hand cancer or something, some weird stuff.

So the point is the internet can give you a lot of information that simply isn't true or just is weaving through the truth.
Certain experts on the internet, certain experts in general have their own kind of agenda. When they're trying to give you advice.
Now, do listen to experts.
Climate change is happening. Fossil fuels is no good. You know, those kinds of experts. You've got to listen to, the universe and stuff like that.

But when it comes to your business, you still have to listen and understand what the experts are saying, and maybe even implement those things that the experts are saying.

But if your gut feeling says. At that time during the time, or even after the time, that what the expert said about your business and how you run your business and how you... what you do in your business. May not work and may not be correct for your own business.

So you've got to kind of think with your gut, your gut feeling because it's your baby in, because you've ran the company for such a long time.

I've run this my company for like 13 years or so. And I've changed a few things because of certain experts told me and they were right in certain aspects, but a certain things that they weren't right about, and I'm gonna write to that wrong as it were.

So you got to kind of listen to your gut feelings, just like you've got to listen to your gut feelings in figuring out a workflow for yourself.

An expert coming in saying, you've got to do it this way. Isn't gonna... will not work. You know, it just won't work. You've got the consultant, the coach, the trainer has to listen to you to figure out what you're doing and then work a workflow out that way.

But to implement a system that someone else is using, implement a feature, a way of working that another businesses using isn't going to work for you.

So gut feelings is quite a big thing. for me it is anyways, some people it isn't, but for me it is. So you've got to kind of listen to your gut feelings when it comes to your business and how you deal with it.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest, hopefully it was beneficial to you.

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