Limiting your tech stack, limiting your apps, and limiting your workflow will help you focus rather than multitask on several tasks at once.

The video that’s well worth a watch, it’s called The Paradox of Choice, and it explained how too much choice is hurting you rather than helping.


In one of my past episodes, I posted a link to a Ted Talk on YouTube. I can't remember the guy's name. I'm really sorry, but I'll link it below.

The video was about The Paradox of Choice and having too much choice can actually really hurt what you're doing.

The whole point of this episode is to explain that, having too much choice can actually hurt your productivity. So having limitations of your choice can actually help you rather than hinder you by having too much choice.

The thing is I find that a lot of my clients, before I work with them, they have so many different types of tools, and I've talked about this before where they... a lot of their tools overlap.

For instance, they'll have like... I mean, I had one client and she had about 13 mailboxes, which made no sense. We condensed them into one because you only need one.

So having... fixing those limitations that are actually good because your productivity actually gets better.

There's this whole notion that multitasking is good for productivity and it actually isn't. There have been studies done, and if I find one, I don't know if I've kept it, but if I find one, I'll link it below. That multitasking doesn't actually help with your productivity it actually hinders your productivity because you're focusing on more than one thing.

The whole idea is to actually focus on one thing. So limiting your choice, limiting your tool set basically.

As I said, a lot of people overlap their tools, so they'll have like three or four note apps, and they're working on three different calendars and stuff, and it's just.... you're wasting time.

And on my website I say, I can save you 40% of your time, and it's literally by getting rid of the tools and apps that you're not using, you are using, but you don't need to use. You just need to limit yourself into what you actually need to use.

So limitations are actually a good thing, they're not an annoyance actually. They calm your workflow. They calm your mind, they calm your... they calm your productivity effectively so you can be more productive.

Does that make sense?

So limitations are a good thing. Watch that video, I'm going to link it below.

It's just such a great video. It's called The Paradox of Choice, and again, it's talking around limiting choice and limitations with your workflow can really help with your productivity because as I said in a past episode, productivity sucks because productivity isn't what you think it is.

Productivity, is actually getting your work done efficiently. Doesn't mean doing 10 things at once.

So just limit your choice.

Anyway. That's the episode. Hope you had a great day. I hope... the rest of the day is coming up still, obviously. It's Friday, so have a great weekend and I'll see you next week on Monday.

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