Learning all the time

Learning something new every day should be on top of your todo list. Education is freeing, enlightening & inspiring and if you think you can help others with what you know, SHARE IT!


do you remember Benny Hill yeah we used

to watch it as a family and they're

always doing repeat sourcing there was

one skit or sketch that Benny Hill did

and it was called learning all the time

and ever since I heard it apart from the

fact that my father kept talking about

learning all the time as a joke it kind

of stuck with me and it was a long time

ago but it's something that's always

been on my mind to learn something new

every day and I can't say ever since

then but for as long as I remember I've

always tend to try to learn something

new every day and that doesn't

necessarily mean picking up a book I'm

not a great book reader to be honest but

just when you're working or when you're

when I'm doing something I'd like to

learn something new there's lots of

things I mean even yesterday I learned

something new that I didn't know that

Apple notes did a certain something I

wasn't aware of it so to me that was

learning something new now I try to

learn something new every single day but

because of what I do and how I work on

what I do for work and teaching others I

learn more than one thing a day that

makes any sense because I'm always

coming up with new things I'm always

finding out new things I should say so

learning all the time is a phrase that's

always constantly on my mind and I feel

that if you have knowledge if you have

something that you can share with your

neighbor with your friends with your

clients share it because you know it's

it's the pay it forward mantra you know

if you know something pay it forward and

it will come back to you anyway I don't

do it for that I just think that

whatever knowledge that I have it's

always good to give it to somebody else

no matter how much money you know that

how my new tit is

that small piece is just the seeds that

you're giving to someone else will which

will sprout and probably do a lot more

with it than you would so you know

education is a huge huge thing if we

don't have education we end up with a

hell of a lot more flat earthers let's

not go there

but yeah education and learning

something new is a huge thing it should

be a huge thing for everybody if someone

comes to you I mean I did a video a

while back called the square wheels and

that was kind of the point of that video

it was like look I'm trying to give you

some information I'm trying to give you

some education I'm trying to educate you

sorry and show you a better way of doing

things but a lot of people are happy

with their square wheels or like now

I've always done it this way it's great

and that's because people are scared of

paying maybe I have no idea I don't do

this to earn money I've said this

thousands of times if I make enough

money for the day the week of the month

I stop working I'm not here to buy

Ferraris I'm here to help as much as I

can and obviously I do need to pay for

things and you know put roof over my

head and they eat and so on so of course

I'm gonna charge something but I'm not

charging something because I want the

money if there's any sense so education

is a huge thing learning all the time as

a phrase has been with me for as long as

I remember I try to learn something new

every single day I'm wondering if you do

be interesting to know I'd love to know

actually just put a message down below

let me know if you if it is something

that you do every day or every other day

or anything like that anyway that's the

video today I hope you're having a great

day Christmas is coming up just to let

you know I'm still going to be doing a

video every single day and I record the

video or

day so hopefully you'll be there for

Christmas day to wish each other happy

Christmas anyway have a great day and

I'll see you tomorrow ciao Oh keep it

simple bye

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