Last Christmas

It’s the last Christmas of the decade, and today I look back on the reasons why I don’t celebrate this time of year. Also, I have big plans for the next decade and will share my thoughts, work/life balance & the whole journey with you.


so happy Christmas I just got back from

a walk with wolf and I don't want to set

up the camera and everything to do it it

is Christmas after all

I've just realized that this is the last

Christmas of the decade it's it's a

weird one for me it was it's a weird one

for me personally and there are two main

reasons two biggest reasons why I

haven't celebrated Christmas for the

past since 2007 before that was a big

Christmas guy used to get the massive

tree and get the lights out and buy

presents and actually several times I

even cooked Christmas dinner

but for since 2006 I haven't wanted to

do it and as I said there are two main

reasons for it and as the years went on

I realized there was no there's no

necessity for it there's no reason for

it I don't like to call myself a

minimalist I'm not I'm a simplest I like

to do things simply I like to find the

easiest way to do the most difficult

thing so I'm not a minimalist you just

don't like that word seems like a

religion almost a minimalist but I like

to do things simply and I like to find

the easiest way to do things it's a

weird place to the video sorry um so

anyway I think it was 2006 my last

Christmas before that I did the tree and

everything after a few years when I

stopped doing

Christmas and celebrate I don't

celebrate birthdays either and there's a

personal reason for that as I said but

I've realized that there's no reason for

it I don't I mean I like I'm a solitary

person I like my own time I have a bunch

of friends who always ask me to go out

or always ask me to go for Christmas

with them and I love them for it I

surely do but I'm not I just like my own

time I have my nest as it were I have my

wolf I have lots of things that I like

doing on my own besides that I don't

think you need to complicate your life

with a bunch of stuff and I'm going I

mean this year 2019 it kind of started

in 2018 I've realized I've got too much

stuff way too much stuff so I'm going

through getting rid of a lot of stuff

and I don't want to make this into a New

Year's resolution but I've come to the

realization I've still accumulated so

much stuff that I just don't need and

also write computers and software and

work I'm talking personal stuff

basically so 2020 it's a nice round

number 2020 vision and all that I'm

gonna make a lot of changes this is the

last Christmas of the decade and a few

days time it's gonna be the last day of

the decade and I think it's it's good to

start afresh

and I think my time has come to move

things along

and I've got a lot of things up my

sleeve that I'm gonna deal with and I'm

gonna do and I want you guys to be in on

the journey as well

so as I said past 10 years been dealing

with Christmas on my own and I love it

it's great don't want any anyone feeling

sorry for anything nothing going on

everything's fine and still smiling but

there are there are some sad reasons why

I don't do Christmas but that's again a

personal thing so anyway have a great


whenever you watch this video and my

videos are gonna be different from now

on it's not gonna be always in the same

place I'm not always going to talk about

tech the reason why I started making

videos was to document my work but my

work is my life my life is my work so

why not talk about relatively personal

stuff anyway have a great Christmas

remember keep it simple obviously and

I'll see you tomorrow hopefully you wait

to watch the video after eating all the

food over Christmas and you have a great

day ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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