It’s not easy to make content if you have no audience. And it’s definitely not easy if there’s no feedback, good or bad. But we make it because we enjoy it but mainly because we hope that someone out there benefits somehow.


In today's video I would just want to do something a little different.

This video is actually number 250, and I can't believe I've made 250 videos.

Now. I started in, towards the end of 2019 first. I started monthly. I think it was, or I think every two months, then it was monthly. Then it was weekly. Then I toyed with the idea of daily and I went daily.

Now, I have had breaks in between because of thinking of whether it was the right thing to do or not. And breaks because I just needed a break.

But effectively my goal was to do daily and they've been going really, really well. And without your help, without you, messaging me saying I liked the content. I liked the stuff that you're talking about.

I wouldn't be doing this, so it's kind of like a thank you to you for watching this stuff, that I put out. I am obviously doing all these Conversations every Wednesday, which in the first one was last week with Sebestian.

But the words encouragement that I'm getting from you is amazing.

And that's what keeps me and people like me making this content.

Just anyone who sits in their office, making content about ideas about, well, what I do Tech Minimalism and for people to like it is pretty amazing.

I never thought at the beginning, when I was doing, you know, the, how to type of videos that it would get to the stage, it is now.

But it has, and it wouldn't have happened without you.


No matter what you're doing, keep on going, keep on doing it because one day you'll get to a stage where you're like, I'm glad I did that. And this being number 250, I'm glad I did all of that, all that work.

It's not actually that much work because as you know, these videos don't take me too long, but I love doing it.

And thanks for being part of the journey and here's to the next video.

I'll see you next time.


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