Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy

I find people complicate ‘simple’ with being ‘lazy’ or ‘easy’ and that’s FAR from the truth. It’s tough and often insanely complicated to make something that’s simple to do and understand.

But by embarking on your journey to make your life simpler, you will, for sure, get frustrated. However, it will ultimately make you happier and glad that you make the switch to making your life simpler and more fulfilling.


so hi it's Monday hope you had a great

weekend we're back working again

obviously it's Monday

some people don't work Mondays it's a

Dutch thing I guess last week I was

talking a lot about email and how can

simplify your workflow for email and how

to try to understand that making changes

to your workflow can actually be

beneficial ie no notifications check

your email only once or twice a day etc

and so on the messages I've been getting

is it's unsustainable well it's not I've

done it for years I'm training people

how to do it now simplifying something

simplicity is actually very very

difficult so just trying to do it for

one day two days a week maybe it's like

having it's like creating a resolution

for yourself at the end of the year at

the beginning of the year saying right

I'm gonna go to the gym every single day

like I kept saying to myself so trying

to make a resolution is hard trying to

simplify anything in your life is hard

simplicity is insanely difficult however

once you get past that hurdle it can

actually be really really beneficial and

you know working with a ton of clients

and coaching them and training them I

always get the same kind of feedback hey

this is annoying this irritating me I

can't do this effectively what they're

saying is I'm stuck in my way I'm stuck

in you know I'm happy I'm happy

in air quotes the way I used to do

things well if you were happy why are

you contacting someone like me to help

you with your workflow it's because your

workflow isn't working you're not

concentrating on anything your files are

all over the place

emails are coming in you don't know how

to deal with them etc so you're there

you're here with me because you need

that help you need help with that

specific a specific problem so

simplifying that problem for me is it is

easy it's insanely easy

however for you it can be really really

difficult because simplifying something

is really difficult but you have to work

at it you have to get it right you have

to get all the nuances correct and lined

up all the puzzles to fit in the right

place you can't just do it willy-nilly

and go oh okay let that this is it you

really have to work on simplifying I

guess you have to work on your workflow

you have to make sure you understand

actually what you want to do understand

where you want to go and actually where

you're coming from because that's a

really important part you you know your

everything is messy you want to get to

be from A to B that journey once made

you'll never have to make it again you

you might make you know kind of edits in

your workflow kind of thing you might

update a few things but once you've done

that journey you will never want to go

back to a you just wouldn't want to do

it there's no way I mean I mean if

thinking about how I used to work just

with my email folders at the end of the

day and so on so having thousands of

things in my inbox it actually gives me

a headache thinking about it but now

that I've made that switch years ago I

can't think of any other way to work

because obviously I've obviously done it

for such a long time and that's the

issue that you're probably having you've

worked in a particular way for such a

long time that it's basically muscle

memory to you so changing muscle memory

using it's very difficult you know I

play xbox

it's not a secret and obviously we have

a controller when the control has

changed from the old style to the new

style it was incredibly difficult for me

to get into it however now plenty you


playing with the new controllers this I

mean there's no way I would play with

the old controller it's it's impossible

because my muscle memory

that's a relearn had to learn the new

one now I've learnt the new one

I can't go back so simplifying will help

but you have to really understand how it

can help you and how it could be so

beneficial to you

ie where you come from or where you're

at now for it to actually work so yeah

get on with simplifying your workflow I

guess anyway that's it for today I hope

you have a great Monday I will see you

and talk to you tomorrow

enjoy it and as always keep it simple

ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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