I’ve had enough! I’m just WAY too busy!

Yep, sorry, I just don’t have the time! How many times have you said that to yourself, a colleague or a friend? I bet it's way more than you think it is. I’m an avid believer that no one on the planet should EVER be busy.

The notion of always being busy is so alien to me that it makes me mad, annoyed and sad to hear that people as always so busy that they don’t have time to do the things they love to do in their lives.


oh my god it's been so so busy I hope

you had a great weekend but my weekend

was insane and now I'm back on back

working on Monday my desk is filled up

with papers I can't think I've just had

enough I'm done I just need a holiday

now how many times have you said that to

yourself even this year now obviously

I'm not busy there was just me trying to

explain to you what I hear and what

you're probably saying to yourself I

hear it all the time I mean you hear it

when you walk down the street I walk my

dog wolf you see people on the street

how's it going I'm busy oh man I'm busy

why are you busy who's busy what are you

doing that's causing you to be busy


why are you busy busy has such a

negative connotation to I talked about

this with my coaching clients I said it

has such a negative connotation it's

unwarranted it's not needed it's you can

you can stop being busy it just

irritates the but Jesus out of me when I

hear people are being busy now if your

day is booked up that's completely

different I'm I'm booked that can't help

you I'm sorry not I'm busy I can't help

you you see the difference there so when

when I talk about tech minimalism and

how I'm helping people to reorganize and

do their thing

some of my clients they say I I can't I

can't deal with it right now I'm too

busy what seriously someone's trying to

help you to organize your busyness but

you're too busy to seek help what it

baffles me it completely and utterly

baffles me so what I want to talk about

this week I want to stay away from all

the Mac related stuff because again that


there's something I do I love doing but

I want to stay away from it and I want

to concentrate on tech minimalism in its

helping you how to organize to stop

being busy it irritates it honestly it

really takes me when I even hear it and

when I say it people should not be busy

people should be enjoying their lives

and if you're working so hard that

you're constantly busy there's obviously

something wrong

wouldn't you want to fix it now it's

actually an easy fix a comp I'm not

going to lie and say oh the there's a

massive saying that you have to do but

people because people don't like change

they kind of assume that that change is

going to disrupt them so much that they

can't get the work done that they have

on their plate so I'm busy I can't do it

I hear all the time so when clients come

in and I help them with their max stuff

with the Mac junky stuff the first thing

that they say is I need this by tomorrow

that's a topic for another video so I

get it fixed I get everything done once

it's fixed and they come and collect it

they have they have questions okay can

you do this can you do that can you do

that so they're a bit more relaxed

however they all have the same kind of

question how do you do that how can I do

this quicker how can I get rid of this

how can I make things faster when I'm

working with my clients so this kind of

stuff isn't hard it's just that you

haven't thought about it but because you

haven't thought about it and someone

from the outside is actually coming in

trying to explain this to you even

before you've heard it you've kind of

kind of dismissed it because you you're

too busy stop being busy and as I always

say keep it simple

stop being busy it'd be interesting to

know if what I want to know is how many

times you've actually said you're busy

this you

just this year it's February 24th it

hasn't even been two months how many

times have you said you're busy

- a friend - a colleague - your dog

walker whatever it is how many times and

be honest with yourself if it's more

than once it's wrong but that's the

that's the extreme if she said it you

know if you count it on the hand on your

hands if you said it dozen times can you

believe how a busy you actually are or

you're not busy you're trying to spark

up some sort of a conversation I mean

that I can understand but even that's

wrong even that is wrong you shouldn't

be busy no one on this planet should be

busy and it's my mission in life my

legacy to stop people from being busy

not to be lazy but stop being busy get

your [ __ ] done this stuff needs to be

done your work needs to be done I get it

but do it in such a way when you're not

constantly busy how many times have I

said busy in this video it's annoying

rain I hate the word anyway that's the

video today I hope you're having a great

Monday hope you had a great weekend

actually I said this week is going to be

concentrating concentrating on tech

melanism if you're interested in that

kind of stuff let me know in the

comments below how many times you've

been you've said that you've busy and if

you need any help you know where to

contact me make junkie comm anyway have

a great day and I'll see you tomorrow

keep it simple bye 

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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